Monday, May 28, 2012

my nose and i...

[selit] my sister (she's a teacher) said that most of her students (even the top ones...) are guilty of not using proper capital letters, as am i :). it is simply the sms-internet language invading them. i dont condone this in educational usage, yet, i dont get offended simply because it is easier for the writer and (having read some haywire converted ebooks), the content is what i am looking for :). all that said, sorry to have screwed your eyes with my incorrect spelling, grammars and capital letterings! [abih selit]

i have a blasted sensitive nose.
its worst during morning sickness when everything is smellier! (no, i am NOT pregnant!)

*prepare for some negativity*
i hate strong perfumes
i hate those (sorry) religious burning smells..
i hate bau kemenyan (my mom's neighbour, seriously!)
i hate bau cat's poop and piss (damn, neighborhood cat!)
i hate bau gel rambut lelaki yang sangat hapak itu..
and, this morning, seriously! i hate that my monday started with bau orang tak mandi. OMG! at least start your week with some hygene, no?

and now, i feel that the smell of this fella in the train is haunting me. or is it my flamboyant work neighbor pun x mandi?

ikan always says that its all in my mind and that the smell can be ignored.
i beg to differ.
my nose insist on sucking these 'odorants'. and that you can not unsmell them. its fact (eh, i think so)
and it will definitely kacau my lunch/ dinner or in this case- work. damn irritating, is what it is.

*gradually letting the negative air bubble out*
i do however, like this nose of mine when my kids pooped. :) saves the trouble of finding out when the poop gets thick to wash ;p *eww*
i like it also that i can smell good food (usually my favs) when no where in sight. so, ikan will be all 'mana ada' and flushes embarassedly when i found 'em..

oh well. dear nose, you can stop smelling these 'bau budak asrama' ever! make it like a filter or something before you send it to the whatever nerves..



Snuze said...

A keen sense of smell is both a blessing and a curse.

Thank God mine ain't that keen.

aisyah said...

but the worst part is having to re-explain this keen-ness to my husband. he doesnt get it that i suck these odorants like a karcher vacuum instead of the mehh one we have at home :p

oh well. Thank you God for giving me this super power. :)