Wednesday, May 23, 2012

contraceptive day 8

i started nuvaring on 16th and today is my 8th day.

the insertion is easy peasy. seriously, i dont feel a thing.

the side effects?
not sure whether nausea is one of them or this is simply gas in my tummy. but its been a week now i- i felt like vomiting in the morning (only). please, dont let it be pregnancy again.
horny as hell- i noticed.
headache- minor, but again.. this might be the gas again.
there's some rash (ikan said) at my bon bon.
insomnia.. but maybe thats because of aydeen crying. (mommy's boy have to have his mom's arm pit near his face to sleep. and his mom rather be under his dad's arm pit.)

but so far, its okay. will be taking it out on June 6. will update that later (urgh... if you still want to hear read)


rawsktar said...

first time dgr ni. terus gugel. hahahaa. takde rasa apa ke?

aisyah said...

x rasa pun.. memula memang ingat cam rasa sebab the darn thing is quite big compared to what ive imagined. but after it is inserted, serious rasa cam 'eh? thats it?'

tapi i did check on whether i can manage to take it out later and... huh, we'll see on June 6. hahah

new experience huh?

napish said...

err kenapa kena take out pulak? is that means every month kena tukar?

aisyah said...

yeap... so, ur contraceptive plan xde la fix as compared if you amek implanol or IUCD. Actually, sebab aku seriau nak pasang IUCD hahhaha

lagipun, sebab ko pasang sendiri, it is more private (to me laa).
its like the pill thing, but sebab aku suck gile bab displin makan2 nih...

and... no need to see dr for appointments bagai :)