Thursday, January 13, 2011

being the wife

I had a thought yesterday.

I was blog hopping and I landed on CikYah75’s cooking blog. My ikan Loves cooking blogs and this page was one of his favos. (Lawak x..aku dok baca MR book reviews, ikan baca his wife’s cookings. Ikan memang sgt suka anything to do with food J)

As briefly mentioned, she is the wife of theMalaysianReader (MR). I love this couple.. even I don’t know them personally.. but I am such a sucker for good ol romantic and loving couples. And that is how I perceive them. Jgn kacau my mental picture.

Anyway, I envied CikYah because she has that passion and guts to try new recipes etc. and her dishes are soo nice and very presentable.

I wanted to be like that.. just like my sister, kakak too.. such passion when cooking. And all I can come up with is the same o same o dishes. I don’t have the creativity spur when I cook. Its always about feeding and not anything more. Sometimes, yes. I get excited and try new dishes but that is a once in month deal. And definitely not during weekdays.

I know both of us wished to have a more variety set of dishes. So.. there were some ‘steps taken’ to ignite my creativity. Even though cam lawak… salah satu is me listing all possible menu on the fridge. Mak kedah read this one day and tergezut napa byk sgt bende nak masak. Then baru die tau that it was supposed to be an idea list. I wish I knew what she was thinking. Heheh she did say ‘Betoi ka?’ hahah


Macam mana eh nak have that drive?




Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i miss my baby..

A little bit of background…

My little family is currently commuting daily from seremban to work. Why? Cause the kids’ nursery has yet to hire a babysitter for Hailey (supposed to be in in February). And so here we are.. ulang alik from seremban.. and.. honestly, it is such a tiring experience! By Friday I was soo exhausted that I cant even think of doing anything during the weekends.. let alone doing ‘em.


Anyway.. yesterday, at precisely 5.29, I got a call from ikan- he has a meeting at 5.30pm that will end at 8.30. I was like..???? my gosh. That is soo late. If we were in serdang, I wouldn’t mind that much but because we had to go back to seremban..

And then, my mom called that we need not go back since its gonna be very late…


Hence… the first time ever I am away overnight from my baby. Uwaaaa! Rindu!!!


Hahah. Tu je.




Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm not pregnant but i'm in a B****y mood!

Bladi my my foot! Gosh I’m soo terribly angry rite now.

Why do you have to spread your ugly mood to other peope?

You are not helping getting work done, and I thought that was your main objective???


OMG! If I were to suffer this moody person without any buffer I’m gonna be mad. Seriously I am!


I guess this is my cue to be like a tree… :p



Thursday, January 6, 2011

because i was bored...

This picture was taken by ikan- both B1 and B2 were ‘meragam’ because we insisted them not sleeping with us (and B3) on the bed. Kire, this is kinda like warming up the idea of sleeping by themselves in their room… someday.


So, being kakak as usual.. she sulked. Adik followed. Then.. I came down and imitated them. J look at Busyra.. pantang nampak camera, terus intai ;)



Monday, January 3, 2011

What am I up to?

What am I up to?

Hmm… I don’t know. I guess a lot of things but not sure they’re important enough to put in writing (as tho previous entries do? Heheh.)


Hmm.. kakmah (my lil sister) got engaged last 2 weeks. It was a surprise, nobody planned it. It just happened. During the school holidays. Way to go kakmah!

Anyway, I enjoyed my share in doing the hantaran.. a simple basket concept. Green and pink. Lovely combination of colors.. its my current favourite.. having 3 daughters and all J. Kakmah chose the baskets- very nice and simple (and cheap too.. hehehe)

We finished the hantaran wayyyy back in mid December. But I didn’t take any pictures! Nor did kakmah. Well.. I guess it wasn’t shot worthy pun.. cume nice. My lil bro took some I guess.


So.. what else?


Books.. u want in on them? Well.. I am proudly to announce that I finished 72 books in 2011. Mind you I started in May 2010, when I discovered my ‘interest’ (belum love lagi..) in books. Although my current preferred genre is romance, but I do intend to read others too. i am intrigued to read Picoult’s books. Read ‘House Rules’ is quite nice. Tapi, for now, I still have few romance books on the shelf that I haven’t finished yet. J sukeeee!

The kids- I want them to love books earlier (definitely earlier…) than the mother. I remembered I liked reading books.. but not as a hobby. All I can do for them is providing ample reading environments and frequent bookstore visits.. kot?

For start, me and ikan is planning to turn bilik bibik into a library.. (hahah from office abah to bilik bibik to library… hopefully x kene jinx la project x jadi…) billy book shelves are the cheapest (and menarik dipandang mata…) so far. Waahh.. tetibe plak ade reso for 2011! hehehh