Monday, July 27, 2009


lupe lak nak sebut why i want in in his diet.

my cholesterol adalah tinggi. 6.01mmol/L <-- what aever this means.
high risk borderline is 5.17 - 6.19. High Risk adalah 6.20.

you see?

tapi aku adalah sedikit lek sbb it runs in my family. my mom, aunts.. we all have high cholesterol. tapi sbb derang byk buat keje, aku x sangat.. takat naik turun tangga monorel and star? hahaha ooo.. and badminton every week.

masih in need of good eating lifestyle.

kot2 it can help reduce my migraines? hmmm amin!

that's why.

S.outh B.each Diet

Ikan and I- we're going on a diet. supposedly starting yesterday but i let him start first. i'll start maybe hmm.. not sure yet. too much sacrifice! hahaha

anyway. its called the S.outh B.each Diet.

i'm reading the book now.. ikan da khatam last week. basically this diet has 3 phases.
phase 1- strictly no carb, plenty milk, meat (lean), eggs. this is for 2 weeks
phase 2- moderate good carb, plenty milk, meat (lean), eggs. this is until u reach ur target weight.
phase 3- hmm.. im not sure. tapi this is part of your way of life da. even les strict.

the best part about this diet is you can cheat. kalau tetibe i wanted to eat my choc moulten, then makan la.. pastu go back to the phase where i was. or something like that. like i said, havent finished reading yet.

however, i dont know whether i can sustain or not. to sacrifice my WHITE BREAD? WHITE RICE? ok, actually, i can still have it, just as not the amount like before- ie A LOT!! uhuhuhu besh nyeeee roti gardenia putih~~ sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja!

well... short term verdict- after ikan's 2 weeks of phase 1. aku maybe lambat sket start.. or maybe terus start phase 2.

Friday, July 24, 2009

post complaint.

hehehe menyasar sket. tapi nak komplen jap.

its about people who uses the mono.rail.

background- mono.rail pepagi esp at stt h.tuah is very jammed pack ok. all the way to rj chulan st. at times, i wouldnt get to hop on the train pun because it was full! and i had to wait for the next 2/ 3 trains after. ok, bleh bayangkan kepadatannya?

tapi, in between stations, of course la ade yg org keluar, may include those who were sitting. but at the same time, ade lagi org yg nak masuk.. so padat maintains an issue.

my komplen- why when those people who just emptied their seat (to get off), the people standing in front of the EMPTY SEAT just wont sit? (ok, ko bakal turun next station, but you are at the same time blocking others from entering the train, or if not so, hindering others from a more comfortable ride?) susah sangat ke dr tgh pegang holder tu and sit? or... kalau ko macho sgt la, na diri je.. lalukan bon.tot ko yg besau itu dan offer kat org yg nak duduk ke? and org lain pun.. DUDUK la wei. aku sesak kat belakang ni.... ko duduk, buleh la free sket ruang.
how on earth orang yg dr seberang sana (yg also saw the empty seat but cant seem to move sbb badan da senget nak maintain gravity point so that tak tumbang...) nak 'terbang' to THAT seat?

my hope- boleh x Malaysian, put aside their 'alaa, malas la nak duduk' whatever and think about other people... x kesah la that u're getting off the next station or you can/prefer to stand. what about the rest?

but, i am a bit satisfied in terms of people nowadays being courteous towards pregnant people. i am specifically talking about ppl in mono.rail and S.TAR users cause i use them. K.omuter tu da x dapat nak buat apa2. lost hope- perkhidmatan and few users of the perkhidmatan.
anyway, a lot of times i witnessed a lot of people, including youngsters offering their seats. sampaikan few times witnessed some people yg a bit big size esp at the tum tum area being offered a seat, i think becoz of being mistaken for pregnant. hmmm... guilty x rase?
(hahah a fren of harizah once made that type of comment towards me, thinking that i am pregnant- at my defence: aku ade perut sbb csect ok.. hahahah alasan!)

ok. enuff comment. panjang plak komplen aku nih.

Monday, July 20, 2009

a boring post...pfft

this entry is written sbb aisyah is so demn bored. why? work related so, kalau aku cerite, bertambah busan la sekalian umat...

aku gi langkawi ari tu, with keluarga kedah. hishh nak sambung cite pun malas. beli coklat and mandi seharian. aqish syiok main pasir, busyra syiok mandi air laut. apa lagi aku nak citer? ok, AB motel adalah best. x yah mewah2. janji kawasan kaw.. mlm sketnye happening. just imagine, bangun tido je (ok, mak kedah yg da bangun dulu membuka pintu bilik...) lantas nampak laut sedang me still on bed! :) likeyyy. Bersih. siap ade papan tanda- no beer. baguihh. pastu basic necessity ade- aircond and water heater. tapi towel kene bawa sendiri la.. ada prepared tapi u know la.. towel in motels nih... ;p. maybe bercadang nak gi ngan family seremban pulak- the same motel. mak da start kasik green light for her to go vacation tapi still bersyarat. she wants my grandma to come along sbb she'll miss my dad even more kalau only the immediate families go. :( tapi xpe, mak is getting there! and i hope my lil sis too~ :)

ehhh baru teringat. no photos taken. hahahah sian busyra. time gi ngan aqish dulu, selambak photo. die tgh tido la.. tgh main pasir la. main air la. huhhh takpela busyra! u'll alwasy be mama's comey lil girl! (aqish- u be mama's cantek lil girl kan?)

sambung jap gi-----------------

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the secre.t

A reminder- sometimes i forget...

1- Know exactly what you want.
2- Ask the universe for it.
3- Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is already yours (visualize).
4- Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment to) the outcome.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the universe will manifest a person's desires.