Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And since when I dah jadi tua??

Ok. Here’s the late announcement- of the ketibaan of my 3rd princess.

Its not that I didn’t want to announce but I thought of announcing with a picture kan? Heheh.

So kenkawan, here’s Baiduri Hailey Bt Ahmad Zaidi, 3.56kg elective ceasar at Hospital Serdang.


I have a lot to comment on my Hailey but my mind is not at the flowery state rite now.


I feel old.

Honestly, I don’t ‘feel’ I’m old.. its just that there’s this colleague of mine calling me- kak Aisyah. This is not the first time anyone called me ‘kak’ but I feel I’m terribly ‘tue’ when this Chinese colleague of mine calls me this. Oklah, truth be told, I am old- I guess. Being 30 and da 3 orang anak. Gosh..  3 kids! How did that happened?

Baru je semalam rasanya.. I was out from Uni. Baru je semalam kawen. And now, I have 3 adorable girls with me and ikan. Lovely.. but not so young.. hmmm


Twitt! I still feel young at heart… I think.


What are the differences between young & old anyway? I am more ter’arah’ I guess.. as compared in 2003. serious? Hmm a little. Wise? Hahahah heck no! responsible? Was I reckless last time? Don’t think so…


I love life- don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like thinking I’m old. My husband doesn’t look old, does he? Do I look old? Hmm maybe. (terime je lah kenyataan, Aisyah!!)

Hehehe J