Tuesday, October 20, 2009

aku malu fullstop

Hhuhuhuhu.. sedihnye terhadap diri sendiri.

Malu sbb ex sekolah agama, malu anak ustad AND ustazah, malu sbb score A1 dalam pendidikan agama islam dulu, malu laki pun ex sekolah agama…malu.

I am bloody ignorant. I take these advantages for granted.


My Chinese friend asked me ‘aisyah, what is the different between NABI and RASUL?’

Aisyah yg cam bang.ang pun jawab (dgn konpiden2 ayam plak tu..kalau x pasti, cakap je la terus terang kan?)

‘ooo.. hmm if I’m not mistaken la.. it depends on the challenges faced by them. Its like, Noah, his people was against him when he was building the boat. Bla bla..


‘So, nabi.. they preach?’


(okay, ni answer plg bodho) ‘yes, both of them preach.. sbb challenges die if im not mistaken..’




‘Yes, he’s a rasul.. not sure what was his challenges tho’ (sorry, mmg aku x tau.. dgr cerita je tapi x stick in my head.. pathetic I know)


My keyword here was CHALLENGES. And not OBLIGATION to preach…


During lunch, I called ikanku yg Nampak cam x alim.. heheh tapi he’s my religion reference, after ayah went away…


‘hmmm.. bukan la yang…both nabi n rasul receives premonition but rasul has the obligation utk sampaikan to his people’ ADUHHHH…(!!@#$!@!)




Oooo, by the way, I corrected it with Joana. ;P malu beb.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

on a boring post part2...

Hedge Acc.ounting. Ok, some organization and I think most people (aku slalu ingat my opinion is most people’s opinion hehehehe…tapi, from my observation la.. during meetings, write ups, internet searches etc…) when applying Hedge Acc.ounting, its for avoiding volatility in your PnL kan? So that u don’t have to do a lot of explaining la, not to misrepresent your company la.. whatever la, im no expert.


Hehehe.. tapi.. ade gak rupenye org yg opt not to apply HA as he purposely wants company’s PnL to be volatile so that our market (current;y slow and boring~~~) to be more exciting. Wtf?


Ade juge org cam ni. Hahahah