Tuesday, September 29, 2009

birthday aqish...

first of all, all young parents are 'poyo parents' and are vey excited when it comes to their kid's birthday, even if the kid is only 1 year old.. (as is she remembers any of it laa...). Those with money 'tok sah cakap laa'. the fortune they spent.. and for those mediocre family like myself, we have energy to spend. and that energy my friend... hmmm what can i say, its all worth it.

when aqish turned 1 on 2007, it was a last minute thing (this is becoming a tradition...), planned within 3 days and invitation sent to family members via sms. wallah! berbuka puase cum birthday party at aqish's place.
previously, the night before, i think it was on the 24th or 23rd sept... we went shopping for tidbits to put in her goodie packs for her nursery friends (like she understands...).
i think it was on the 24th~ because me and ikan stayed until (urghh forgot but very very late) to pack all 40+ goodie packs. i did the packing, ikan stayed up baking his mini cinamon rolls (boy do i mish this~~). [i'll dig some old pics later]
so, the menu was- (i)birthday cake (ii)mini cinabon (iii)goodie pack- susu dutch lady (sbb aqish suke minum), kuih bahulu, jelly, balloons (ada lagi ke abah? x ingat...) didnt cook that much because i only cook/ give things aqish would eat and... i had to prepare and cook for buka puasa the next day. on 25th, took half day (due to my hobby of wasting my ALs) and continue cooking for the buka puasa for >10 people (rumahku sgt kecik ok?).

when aqish turned 2 in 2008, lagi kesian. it was still in bulan ramadhan. still last minute. but, both ikan and me were in a fever streak. since the whole process of packing, cooking, blah blah are a team effort, hence we only managed to buy her a cake for both family celebration and for her nursery friends. lagi pun, atuk wasnt in that good shape for travelling etc, so mama is not in the mood for celebration.

this year, aqish is THREE... at last, she is bigger and she understands the whole hoo ha.
still, it was a last minute thing. i took half day (like usual...but this is because i'm still under probabtion, so kene tunjuk baik sket. sket je). i announced the seremban clans that i'm buying a cake to celebrate at kakak's house (she was gathering everyone for her open house, so, what the heck.. less trouble preparing :) ). that afternoon off, i went shopping for goodie packs for her cousins plak. masih a mediocre family (bile ntah nak kaya raya...), i bought stationeries instead of junkies. nasib baik they loved it cause most of aqish's cousins are kindergarten goers<-- apakah?? so, writting, drawing is their passion la nih.

For her nursery friends, we shopped (last minute again...) at jusco on sunday evening (planned to celebrate on Monday-28/9). the best part was- aqish did the choosing. except for jajan- she wanted mamee but i guess jusco was out of it.. so i picked roller coster? derang ni makan ke idak ntah.
It was fun. especially during packing later that night. SHE packed and labeled (verbally) the packs for her friends..."mmm ni untuk lukman..." "ini untuk fahmi"...
AKU ADALAH MAK PALING POYO DAN BANGGA PADA WAKTU ITU KERANA ANAK AKU DA BESAR... isk isk isk.. thrilled dalam kesayuan. ewahhhh.
but, i guess Allah knows that we were kinda tired (coming back from Seremban and all).. our 'kepala gas' bocor... so, cant cook. and it was already 10 pm.
so, it was postponed to the next day-29/9.

the menu was: (i) Spegs n meatballs (ii) Chicken balls (iii) Egg Sandwich (iv) kuih raya (v) goodis packs- milo kecik (aqish insist nak yg comey), rocky (her fav!), roller coster, apple, balloon. no sweets. abah die x kasi....Tied together with the packs are aqish magnets. lagi last minute. :)

i'll update pics (very low quality) later. seronot nak citer my aqish has grown...

Friday, September 11, 2009

good stranger/ colleague i guess?

I am happy to have met this wonderful colleague.

Its nothing personal but I am grateful Allah sent this guy to be the matter expert for my project.

Wouldn’t it be great if all professionals are like him? Experienced yet humble and most importantly patiently helping others to see the light.

(ok, x leh puji lebih2 sbb baru kenal. :p)

(nak selit one thang here…)

Happy Birthday to my lovely Suami: Ikan.

Cam lagi romantic je panggil suami, compared to hubby. Heh poyonye.

Pity me for not having that yearly bonus to spulrge~~~ huhuhuhhu AM! Kasik balik duit aku weh!! Heheheh (berangan dapat balik…)