Thursday, March 21, 2013

the magic plak..

For some of you.. You might know that i started this blog after reading the secret.
Then supposedly i share my stories reelating to the application of the secret. Heheh...

But it stopped there. Ive seen the sequels of (is that what u call em?) the book but i never bothered to look at it cause to me... What more can u say about applying positive thinking rite?

Then... I changed my job and reunited (chewahh) with my ceo.. A very inspiring woman.

Cut the story short... She read the secret too and suggested for me to finish the trilogy... I.e. The magic and last... The power.

'its like a formula' she said.

Im a sucker for what anything she suggest and End up....bought the books. Im grateful that i did.

Now my lovely friends... Im urging u to do the same. Complete the formula.

You'll be amazed of whats already there that we never seemed to realize.

And as a muslim... Even more.

Happy reading y'all. May God bless. ;-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i'm still alive.

Im just super bz.
No lappy to play with.
... And my office blocks blog sites. :-(

But i have lots of inspiring stories to tell. Just wish that i find the time soon.

P.s. Miss u too ness ;-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

yes, i've taken it out.

and.... it was not as disgusting as i imagined. the process nor the thing. ;)

oh, i was talking about my nuvaring, from my contraceptive post.

however, i dont know whether this is related or not, but my current blood pressure reading is quite high. and this is the first time ever i have this kind of reading. its always normal even during all my pregnancies. *sighs*

HOWEVER, before i am being accused of being a slanderer, heheh, you have to know this is merely a suspicion on my part.. uhm... and maybe... that i was also just recovering from a fever, which means antibiotics and what nots... plus, i didnt have the time to fully rest after the fever broke- being on the road from alor setar to kl.
and here i thought my body is all imune to hardships :p

anyway, yes, i was quite quick to put in my suspicion to the ring. heh.

but as it is, i think it went well. i was told that i will be expecting my periods during this time and yeap, i did.
and, aside from me being under the weather, no other side effects though.

Monday, June 4, 2012

old issue...soothed.

no big secret. i hate being old.

but here is the best part when you are in that state. you feel extra excited when being commnented (or slightly implied) that you are not. B-)

last weekend, me and ikan, we were one of the entourage for a cousin's (ikan's side) engagement. so, they invited few relatives in KL to join in, which includes both releatives from the cousin's mom (ikan's aunt) and his dad, plus.. a few of this cousin's friends.

we gathered at this cousin's house for a breakfast gathering before we make the convoy trip to Sepang.

first episode
me and ikan (the kids are in Seremban at my mom's place since they want to spend their school holidays at kampung), we sat side by side during conversation, eating and sometimes do nothing. we touch each other, yes. playfully slapping or pinching each other, whispering at an intimate distance. PS: this is NOT to make you guys puke. im telling you the condition that day.

and then, i joined the 'kids' at conversation- by kids i mean the cousin's friends. i think they just entered the work world, say 23 to 24 years old. one of them was holding a baby girl. close to aydeen's age. and me being the mommy-sickly-missing-her-babies me, asked to hold her baby and excused my obstrusive behavior as me missing my kids.

and.... this is when i get all smiley and kembang kempis.

the girl said "dah ada anak? Ingatkan belum kahwin lagi"

i grinned like a toddler being offered candy.. and purposely paused (to cherish the moment being labeled as single and (self impying) young...) before answering "heheh, dah empat dah"

at this moment, i had vague thoughts that she may be referring to our 'behavior' but i insist that she meant our looks. taking from Jenny Lawson, dont judge me.

second episode
me and ikan were in this conversation with a relative (ikan's aunt's husband's side). It is logical that she (~60yo) didnt know us. both me and ikan being the younger generation in the family.
so, when she was asking ikan where he lives and ikan replied 'live nearby', and going on about being from utara and what nots (at this time, i was beside ikan, happily rubbing my palms at his thighs and smiling and nodding to the conversation). ikan's aunt was there too, joining the talk.

then the same woman asked me "awak duduk mana?"

.... *awkward silence*
i was trying to understand the question. so simple yet so difficult to answer.

then ikan's aunt saved the awkward silence by coughing and replied "ni menantu Lyn, wife die ni",  at the same time gesturing towards ikan and me.

simultaneously, ikan was saying "kami duduk kat sini-sini ja. dia wife saya", emphasizing the 'kami'.

it was awkward, yes. but in a weird way, i felt indignantly delighted.
i am giddy with the insinuation that we are young (self implied) and unmarried.
yet at the same time, i do not touchy feelly my boyfriend in front of elders. relatives, at that! (i know this left me with all sorts of implications but each to his thoughts) Taking from Jenny Lawson again, dont jugde me.

there. that was one of the many hectics (hahah, this is one emo ride for me since i take this old issue seriously!) that came over me during the weekend.

what should i feel? happy? perasan? hahaha. that is exactly what i feel. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

beautiful words from the guy...

tell me i'm not wrong.

whatever puji-pujian you receive from other people, does not even compare to when you receive it from your spouse. (ok, actually, i'm talking from a wife's perspective).

and it goes vice versa (i mean, when HE comments/ complaints, urgh. it hurts. deep hurt)

if your friend says you're pretty, you say thank you and feel delighted.
when your husband says you're pretty, you feel like you're the f*cking queen of the universe.

if your relative says you're generous and kind, you feel humbled and delighted.
when your husband says you're generous and kind, you feel like you're Mother Theressa.

what if when your friends or acquaintance call you're crazy?
i doubt i feel a thing. laugh out loud maybe.

when my husband says 'YOU MAKE ME CRAZY!'
i blush (figure of speech, not real blush cause i'm dark and doubt i really can...) and smiled like a crazy person everytime i remember :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

my nose and i...

[selit] my sister (she's a teacher) said that most of her students (even the top ones...) are guilty of not using proper capital letters, as am i :). it is simply the sms-internet language invading them. i dont condone this in educational usage, yet, i dont get offended simply because it is easier for the writer and (having read some haywire converted ebooks), the content is what i am looking for :). all that said, sorry to have screwed your eyes with my incorrect spelling, grammars and capital letterings! [abih selit]

i have a blasted sensitive nose.
its worst during morning sickness when everything is smellier! (no, i am NOT pregnant!)

*prepare for some negativity*
i hate strong perfumes
i hate those (sorry) religious burning smells..
i hate bau kemenyan (my mom's neighbour, seriously!)
i hate bau cat's poop and piss (damn, neighborhood cat!)
i hate bau gel rambut lelaki yang sangat hapak itu..
and, this morning, seriously! i hate that my monday started with bau orang tak mandi. OMG! at least start your week with some hygene, no?

and now, i feel that the smell of this fella in the train is haunting me. or is it my flamboyant work neighbor pun x mandi?

ikan always says that its all in my mind and that the smell can be ignored.
i beg to differ.
my nose insist on sucking these 'odorants'. and that you can not unsmell them. its fact (eh, i think so)
and it will definitely kacau my lunch/ dinner or in this case- work. damn irritating, is what it is.

*gradually letting the negative air bubble out*
i do however, like this nose of mine when my kids pooped. :) saves the trouble of finding out when the poop gets thick to wash ;p *eww*
i like it also that i can smell good food (usually my favs) when no where in sight. so, ikan will be all 'mana ada' and flushes embarassedly when i found 'em..

oh well. dear nose, you can stop smelling these 'bau budak asrama' ever! make it like a filter or something before you send it to the whatever nerves..


Thursday, May 24, 2012

felda oh felda...

disclaimer: this post is slightly different from previous posts simply because i dont discuss my own financial interest or investments publicly... embarrassed is more likely the reason :p.. but... felda wei!


so, have you heard about felda being up for IPO yet? you should, if you're a Malaysian. with all the hoos and haas..

honestly, i havent trade in the exchange for 3 years now. restrictions, dont you know... but since... uhm.. you would soon know what..

i am seriously considering this. man, for ~rm4.50 worth (forecasted).. not as expensive as most blue chips.. but..
politics aside, think of money.. albeit my own analysis(?) might not be correct.. and, the very known stock market being unpredictable due to speculations (although analysts can never put this in their report!) but honestly, most stocks are driven because of it.
eh, nak bagi ceramah plak...back to the point.

if you are big players of stock market, you can opt for financing, which i can refer you to. easy peasy.
if you are a lowly small investor, why dont we give it a try huh? 10 lots (1 lot = 100 units, for those who dont know, in Malaysia, we can buy min 1 lot) only costs you rm4500.

felda, babe!