Thursday, March 21, 2013

the magic plak..

For some of you.. You might know that i started this blog after reading the secret.
Then supposedly i share my stories reelating to the application of the secret. Heheh...

But it stopped there. Ive seen the sequels of (is that what u call em?) the book but i never bothered to look at it cause to me... What more can u say about applying positive thinking rite?

Then... I changed my job and reunited (chewahh) with my ceo.. A very inspiring woman.

Cut the story short... She read the secret too and suggested for me to finish the trilogy... I.e. The magic and last... The power.

'its like a formula' she said.

Im a sucker for what anything she suggest and End up....bought the books. Im grateful that i did.

Now my lovely friends... Im urging u to do the same. Complete the formula.

You'll be amazed of whats already there that we never seemed to realize.

And as a muslim... Even more.

Happy reading y'all. May God bless. ;-)


rawsktar said...

kakak..sila sexplain lagi. nak tauuu

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