Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what am i up to instead of working.. heheh

i am bored.
i have things to do before i go off for my maternity- handover, manco paper, appraisal etc etc
my lists of books (yes, i am guilty of reading during office.. :p) sux rite now.

and now i am reduced (lol! demeaning nye bunyi!) to harass people in FB. wakakakaka

and now, even FB isn't enticing enough.

i better get back to my office workload.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

how i am still shocked with the world.

i received this funny email from an ex-colleague. its about the journey of s.perms.

image 1-
they were racing.
the leading s.perm says "ok guys, lets go!"
second s.perm says "first one there's half a baby!" (me: good motivation!)

image 2-
still travelling.
another s.perm asks "are we going the right way?"

image 3-
leading s.perm turns to the pack and says "i didn't think it should be this long..."
another s.perm asks "where the hell are we??"

image 4-
two men cuddling after s.ex.

...i rolled on the floor laughing my off.. deng funny.
then, i fwded to my colleagues.

suddenly, i received a reply from my work NEIGHBOR- "this happens to me all the time"

urgh.. its suddenly NOT so funny now.. i try to be open.. but its still kinda 'ewwww' (although i know this guy is a Bi.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

cant help but being nosy...

i listen to every morning but since the 2 morning crew DJs are away on leave, and the backup crew (sorry, but seriously...) sounds quite annoying.. i listen to mix instead.
so, this morning, i was listening to this morning-whats-its-called: Dilly Di.lemma kot. something like that. Basically, people gives this Dilly their problems and they pick up calls who may want to offer their advice/opinion.

this morning, the dilemma was on this girl. She asked her ex-bf to pack up her things in London cause she said she only trusted him. then when she receives her stuff, she noticed that most of her 'valuables' (i.e. ManU jersy, MU mug) went missing. She suspected the ex or the ex's current gf as the culprit. She confronted the ex, he denied. she insist on getting hold of the current gf number so that she can ask her.

DIlly thinks her case is innocent.
JD thinks she wants to hook up with the ex again.
Most of the callers thinks she should move on and not to accuse/ suspect these 2 ppl.

IMO, she's no innocent. i think she (yes) wants to hook up with the ex and wants to know about the new gf. come on.. Jersy? Mug? that is what you considered valuable? ok, i am not a football fan. i may not get the whole fanatic memoribilia whatever. but, if you think the deng things were valuable, why didnt you pack them when you were returning to Malaysia in the 1st place? kan? looks to me, that she didnt think it was that important until she asked her ex to pack and send it to her. lol! rekindle old flames, perhaps?
She should definitely NOT contact the current gf. (i dont think the gf would like to talk to her! much less being confronted on her missing stuffs!) anyway, like other callers seemed to suggest, move on already! You'll be much happier.

lol! what a nosy fatso i am! :p

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mak ai, Jelai tu amek jauh.

yesterday, me and family plus my PIL went to a wedding kenduri in Jelai. They're relatives of mine- from my dad's side. BangKalang (we call him)- the father of the groom really looks like my dad. i mean, seriously. they can pass off as siblings! where in actual my dad was his uncle. it was kinda strange looking at him. its like my dad is still around. the same grin. huh~~ miss my dad lohh.

anyway, Jelai is soooooo far! its like a far far away kingdom. hahahaha sorry, if anyone is from there.
i remembered when i was a kid, i didnt like to go there. solely because of the distance. its like, you sleep, you wake up and you sleep again and  you wake up again, and still you havent arrived yet. not even waking up to a view!

all that crap paragraph up there, all just want to tell you i went to a great distance for a kenduri.

another part of my story is.. how greatful and proud i am to have such a wonderful guy as a husband. (aik? camne from kenduri leh sampai ke ikan??)

i am a ....hmmm.. what do you call those people yang x amek peduli sgt pasal pengorbanan orang and is in their own world- looking at their own comfort? ohh...yes, SELFISH.

well, albeit embarassing, yes. i am selfish. unless it suits my comfort, i dont usually go to kenduris.. especially those far far away and the journey involves routes with no telephone signal. (go figure!)

BUT, my hubs has this policy with kenduri kawen sedara mara.. he takes it VERY seriously. especially where in this case, the relative (mind you- MY side of relative) came from his far far away home and blessed ours (Kakmah's recently- but he never missed any of our kenduris, even when it was clear he was sick. and on motorcycle some more!). i am very grateful i have relatives like these. but, me being me, i dont usually go out from my comfort zone and voluntarily go there, you know? i am that shallow.

but i am glad my hubs insisted to go (even with the packings and movings and da di das)..
and today, eventhough my body aches and i am terribly sleepy, i am very glad i went. i had a great time. despite the raining. i trully enjoyed my day yesterday.

thanks Bangkalang and KakLang for inviting.
thanks my dear husband for insisting and driving.
thanks my PIL for accompanying and babysitting.

i am suddenly proud of myself.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Choc. Moist cake recipe

serupa as why i put in the famous amo.s cookies previously, this is an attempt for me to NOT loose the deng recipe (again).

FYI, before i give birth and move in to Bangi (no oven there yet), i would like to say good bye properly to our dearly beloved oven.. so, im baking my all time favo- this very moist chocolate cake and ikan is baking his lasagna (no mention on his long forgotten yummy cinamon rolls).

so, here it is:-

1) The Cake

250g butter
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/4 cup custor sugar
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1/2 tea spoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanila
1 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonat soda
1 cup cocoa powder

Pour everything in mixing bowl
Stir ~15 minutes
Bake for 45 mins at 180 deg.

2) The Topping

1/2 bar cooking choclate
1/2 cup fresh milk
1 tea spoon butter
1 tea spoon sugar

additional- plenty of choc rice (i am such a conversative person and i insist to maintain this in its deco :) )

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What do you think of flirting?

honestly, if you ask me dead on, like rite now, i would say i'm cool with it. as long as both sides are aware that they are no serious intentions. i mean, there must be a sense of detachment when both parties flirt. it ends there.

i guess i am ok with ikan flirting with other females. i trust him, not that i encourage him though ;p (i get jealous often... :) )
i know ikan has no qualms me flirting with other males. he knows i dig him a lot. hehehe
and, although i am against infidelity and what nots, im cool with married ppl flirt with other ppl.
i mean, light flirt, ok? those definitely NOT involving touching and giving outrageous remarks.

lets face it. flirting and being the object of flirtatious gestures gives pleasure. a moment of feeling desirable.
BUT! it has to stop there. it wont be a hint of 'pleasure' if you take it to the next level. nope. sorry. thats just asking for trouble.

i think it is how you handle them, i guess. like i said, it should not get serious, i.e. the object of your flirtatious gestures should not be in your mind for more than a second. it turns to dangerous territory if you allow even a fraction of what was supposed to be a flippant remark and treat it with some importance.

panjangnye intro...

the main story- what if your boss wants you to flirt a little with a person at work? would you be ok with it? would you resign?
to add another tidbit to the situation... what if your boss tu is also your long time friend?

a colleague of mine is resigning her post because her boss (and super long friends) reportedly asked her to ask this guy (old and married) for dinner. threesome of course. 'she' is single and available.

now, do you think the boss here is solely pimping her? OR do you think this boss thinks (as a friend) that this girl should have some fun? (I do not condone extra marital affais, albeit some does)

i personally wont ask my subordinate to do this. nope.
but during office hours, i dont see any harm in smiling and being nice to this guy. he doesnt fall under those 'stupid' people i hate to 'yes' to.

well, this may be too presumptuous of me. i am not and never was in her position. i think i can understand her fear. but i dont think resigning is the answer.

now you know how open i am, huh?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

on Hailey.

so seldom i get to write on Hailey (ye ke??)

its because of the jinx. seriously. :p

but, i have to tell you this one. i find it soo cute (well, everything about her to me is cute!)
Hailey loves to wake her sister up.

she is the earliest riser between all them Bs. basically, when i switch on the lights every morning, Hailey is the first one to open her eyes (sometimes, earlier than her dad :p).
so, every morning- especially now that its the school holidays, i will deligate my waking up task to this girl. man! she really understands! she'll be like look up to me and as though menerima arahan yang penting, starts to go to our bedroom (if by then she already followed me to the kids' room to iron my clothes) and start poking her sister. She will target Aqish first, i guess less resistance compared to her kakak Hannah.

And even when she is still mamai from just being awake, she will still try and poke her sister with half opened eyes. huhuhu. maybe we should record this. B-)

ok. there you go. know a bit about my 3rd daughter. She's going to be a kakak soon. oh~~

Monday, December 5, 2011

so tired..

we've begun our packing to move and what a weekend!
(i thought we have very little things to pack- i mean, we intend to leave several furnitures there and some are even fixed ones- meaning lagila x yah punggah memunggah)

BUT! (Thank God i have helpful in laws- insisting to assist us start packing up)

after a tiring weekend, they (my PIL) said that not even half is done. (seriously?? banyakkah bende2 di rumah kami yg kosong itu?)

so, we might have to speed things up a lil bit.

clothes- 60% done (only the ones we need to wear left)
toys- 90% done
kitchen utensils- 90% done (left- pots & pans, we are left with plastic plates and spoons for the rest of the month :( )
books- done (unsurprisingly this was the first to be boxed!!!)
Kids' room- 90% done
Master bedroom- 90% done
bilik bibik- 100% NOT done
Toilets- not started yet but dont think will need much time
Perhiasan bagai- done

left to accomplish:-
Dining table to disemble (makan bersila je la fatso sorang nih hehehe)
katil bibik to disemble
wrap all shelves (4 je)
Curtains- unhook and wash and re-hook
Label all big furnitures to be moved- refrigerator (both), washing machine, kids bed, kids wardrobes + shelves, bibik's bed, dining table, all shelves, recliner, bedroom TV, boxes, carpets

today is 5th Dec, second week of December. to finish up all packing within this week.
weekend- beli cat
11th Dec. (w3)- clean the frigging house and touch up (paint) what nots.
18th Dec (w4)- upload to mudah.
26th Dec. (w5)- clean bangi house, paint bilik aqish (painter), move in mid week (~28th/29th)
2nd Jan. masuk spital.
3rd Jan bersalin. woooooo~~~

my God! gile packed! :p wish me luck~~~