Tuesday, March 29, 2011

career dilemma

Albeit, not a major one.


I work in an ok company. Non-stressful yet not so huge in compensation either ;-). I am quite ok I guess working here.

Like the experience I’ve gained and to be gained. Like the working culture and cooperation from most (like 90%, ok?) people..




I think I’m beginning to x tahan with my boss. I know how he is- even when I first joined, so basically nothing surprises me there. He is not evil.. just weird and… seriously ‘kejap ni, kejap tu’ kinda decision maker (which a lot of people are too).

And I don’t think I’m the sort of people leaving a company because of another person, be it a weird one. Especially when I don’t think that person is intentionally doing me ill.


Should I be content? Maybe for another year or so?




Should I take this as an instinct to leave while I’m still sane? hahah


(yes, yes.. this is the 2nd time I complained about yet another boss…I guess I blame Andrew. He shouldn’t be a darn good boss in the first place… J)



Monday, March 28, 2011

what being a mother is all about...

Not having enough sleep.


I’m terribly sleepy right now. My head is really heavy and I kept yawning like every 10 minutes.

Last night, Hailey couldn’t sleep- not just only couldn’t, she screams! But I pity her because she seemed to have colic. And, to make things not better, I couldn’t give her breast milk due to a hormonal pill I took a day before. At least, sometimes, when she was uncomfortable, when I breastfed her, it’ll sooth her a bit. So, last night was quite miserable!


Both of us ended sleeping at 3.30 am. *yawns*



Friday, March 25, 2011

P&P to my sweet doters :)

Dear my daughters…

I am not yet sure whether you will turn out like your mother- a hopeless romantic ;). As you might remember when you were kids (currently: aqish 4, busyra 2, hailey- u wouldn’t remember…) mama spends lots of her time with a book in her hands.. one book in particular really caught mama’s attention. Ask abah why so… J. Oklah, just ask me (if you don’t mind the long winded version…)


Anyway, the book is called Pride & Prejudice. I really hope you girls love it. Read the original classic when you’re older. Nevertheless, here’s a summary for you to understand why mama loved it so much.. (from http://www.myprideandprejudice.com)


Mr. and Mrs. Bennet live with their five daughters in Meryton. Meryton is a small town in England. The family have servants and land, but they are not really rich. The Bennet’s house is called Longbourn. When Mr. Bennet dies, Longbourn will be given to a distant family member. Mrs. Bennet wants her daughters to marry wealthy men soon. If they do not, they could become poor, or even homeless.

Mrs. Bennet is excited because a rich, young, single man has moved into the area. He is called Mr. Bingley. He has come with his even richer friend, Mr. Darcy. He has also brought his sisters, Caroline Bingley and Mrs Hurst. Mrs Hurst’s husband is there too

At a town party, Mr Bingley meets Jane Bennet. Jane is very beautiful. She is the oldest of the Bennet sisters. Mr. Bingley is kind and friendly to strangers. Jane and Mr. Bingley get on very well and dance together. Mr. Darcy is very different. He is not friendly, and he refuses to dance with Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth is the second-oldest Bennet sister. She is the most important person in the story.

Jane visits Mr. Bingley’s house, which is called Netherfield. On her way, it rains and Jane becomes very sick. She stays at Netherfield until she is better. Elizabeth visits her sister at Netherfield. Mr. Darcy is there too. Mr. Darcy starts to like Elizabeth. Elizabeth is very smart and good with words. She always stands up for herself. Mr. Bingley’s sister, Caroline, wants to marry Mr. Darcy, so she does not like Elizabeth very much.

Mr. Bennet gets a letter from a man called Mr. Collins. Later, Mr. Collins visits them. He is a very strange, stupid man. Mr. Collins will be given the Bennets’ house when Mr. Bennet dies. Mr. Collins always talks about Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lady Catherine is a rich woman who has given a lot to Mr. Collins.

A group of soldiers comes to Meryton. One of the soldiers is called Mr. Wickham. Mr. Wickham is handsome and seems friendly. Mr. Wickham tells Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy is a very bad man. He says that Darcy did not give him any money, even though Darcy’s father wanted him to. Elizabeth feels sorry for Mr. Wickham. She doesn’t like Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth hopes that Mr. Wickham will be at a party. She is sad that he is not there. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy talk for a short time. Elizabeth’s family behave very badly at the party. Elizabeth is embarrassed.

Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him. She says no. Three days later, Mr. Collins asks another lady, Charlotte Lucas, to marry him instead. Charlotte is a close friend of Elizabeth. Charlotte says yes to Mr. Collins. Elizabeth is surprised.

Mr. Bingley and his family and friends leave Netherfield. They go to London. Jane Bennet is very upset because she loves Mr. Bingley. She thinks Mr. Bingley doesn’t love her. Elizabeth thinks Caroline Bingley is trying to keep Mr. Bingley and Jane apart.

Elizabeth goes to stay with Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Elizabeth also meets Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lady Catherine is very bossy and quite scary. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth meet at Lady Catherine’s house. Mr. Darcy’s friend, Colonel Fitzwilliam, tells Elizabeth some news. He tells her that Mr. Darcy tried to keep Jane and Mr. Bingley apart. Elizabeth is angry.

Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him. Elizabeth is surprised. Mr. Darcy says he shouldn’t really marry Elizabeth because her family is not rich or important. He says can’t help loving her, so he’s asking her anyway. Elizabeth is angry at Darcy’s words. She also doesn’t like him because of what happened to Mr. Wickham. Also, she is angry because Mr. Darcy separated Jane and Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth says she won’t marry Mr. Darcy.

The next day, Mr. Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter. The letter says that Mr. Wickham was lying. It says that Mr. Wickham took lots of money, but spent it all. It even says that Mr. Wickham tried to run away with Georgiana, Mr. Darcy’s younger sister. Georgiana was only 15. Elizabeth is not sure what to think.

The youngest Bennet sister is called Lydia. She is 15 years old and she thinks about men all the time. Lydia goes to Brighton, another town in England, to follow the soldiers. Elizabeth thinks this is a bad idea. Lydia might do something to shame the family.

Elizabeth visits the north of England with her aunt and uncle. They go to Pemberley. Pemberley is Mr. Darcy’s big, beautiful house in Derbyshire. Mr. Darcy’s housekeeper says that he is a kind man. Darcy and Elizabeth meet in Pemberley. Elizabeth is very embarrassed, but Mr. Darcy is friendly to Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle.

Elizabeth begins to like Darcy more and more. Maybe she loves him. Then, a letter comes from Elizabeth’s sister, Jane. It says that Lydia and Mr. Wickham have run away together. Lydia is only 15. If they do not marry, the family will be shamed. Nobody will want to marry Elizabeth or Jane, or any of the other sisters. Elizabeth is very worried. She goes back to Longbourn.

At Longbourn, Another letter comes. It says that Mr. Wickham will marry Lydia. This is good news. Mr. Bennet thinks that Elizabeth’s uncle must have paid Mr. Wickham. He doesn’t know how to pay him back. Lydia and Mr. Wickham come to Longbourn. Lydia doesn’t care if she upset anyone. By mistake, she says that Mr. Darcy was at the wedding. Elizabeth finds out that Mr. Darcy set up the wedding. Mr. Darcy paid for it too!

Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come back to Netherfield. Mr. Bingley asks Jane to marry him. Jane says yes. Mrs. Bennet doesn’t know that Mr. Darcy set up Lydia’s wedding. She is rude to him. Elizabeth knows the truth, and she is embarrassed.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes to Longbourn. She tells Elizabeth that she cannot marry Darcy. Elizabeth does not know what Lady Catherine is talking about. Elizabeth does not promise anything to Lady Catherine.

Darcy hears that Elizabeth did not say she wouldn’t marry Darcy. He asks Elizabeth to marry him. She says yes.

Mr. Bingley and Jane, and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get married all together.

Don’t you think that was a lovely story? That’s why mama kept on bugging abah to buy the dvd… ;)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pride & Prejudice... my second Austen

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure”


This was always my philosophy, even before reading upon it in P&P.




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Babyy.. you're soo gonna be pissed at me..

My ikan.. he denies himself as a romantic kinda person.. and I quote..”Ma, I’m just not that kind of a guy”

Yet! The songs he chose.. (begged him to download some songs for me to block certain noise at work…)
Don’t Cry by Guns and Roses
Separuh Nafas by Dewa
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Only a pisces wife can see his true colors.. (people, pray tell.. how can I NOT feel romantically inlove with him, with all these songs to entertain me during work?)

 **updated after searching lyrics for Don't Cry...
Abah! You... you...!!! this is a BREAKUP SONG!!!!
i am sooooo taking back that whole romantically inlove sh*t.. hahahahhaha
nolah babyyy, i am always heads over heels in love with you (hishhh malunye admit to the world like this)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hooked on austen

Ok, I may be a bit exaggerating here.. but truth is.. I find myself hooked on anything Austenish.


I just started to read ONE of her novel- Emma.. (boy, this one is thick!.. I probly should have started with Pride & Prejudice..)

But, although its taking me quite sometime reading (and.. in between reading other novels..) I got to say, I am really enjoying myself.


And now, half through her Emma, I’m thinking about to start on Pride & Prejudice. Even though, it’s the story is well known.. and all that.


And, since (insyaAllah…) we’ll getting our unifi this month, I’ll urge ikan (direct hints, baby!) to download all Austen movies. Especially, now on my top priority list would be Emma, starring Paltrow.


I know I’m babbling but I feel soo excited that I just have to let this out. I cant access Goodreads during office hour, so I can only pour my heart out here… L


P.S.: this is my first classic. So, understand my surprise here J


Friday, March 11, 2011

what is sooo darn special on 8th of March??

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's your birthday

We gon' sip Bacardi (harammm) like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a f**k (whooops)
cause it's not your birthday! (OFKOS cause IT’S MINE!!!!!!)




Who wouldn’t feel special on their birthday? Thanks to all the gorgeous people for their wishes.. luvly, really!

Thanks a bundle to my beautiful husband for being… well you.



And, what I also loved about 8th March is that it’s the Intenational Women’s Day.

How cool is that?

You know who else is cool? My sister- Kakak.


Kakak is the sister you always wanted- the one you got to ajak jalan2 and makan2 and do fun stuff (with her money, no less!).. well at least this is true when she was still single.. Pathetic me, I only got to know Sunway ice skating from her! “-_- The Bravado in driving from Seremban to KL (KL! Not UPM…- during matrix) was also her influence. So, in short she’s one fun sister..

I was once being commented by a friend (during those early driving years…) “Wow Syah, ko drive cam kakak ko!” I stongly took that as a compliment J


Then she got married. darn! There goes her free time (ampun, abang firdaus!)


Anyway, she’s still extra ordinaire when she became a- wife@doter inlaw@sister in law@momma.


She really goes to extra length in helping and caring for people… just like my arwah daddy.. hmm.. there’s some ‘wow’ stories backing this but maybe next time I’ll share (yeah, rite?? Like the time I planned to share on America’s Civil war? Heheh).

She loves cooking (I mentioned her passion in cooking before… *applause, applause!)

She doesn’t have this penyakit ‘debar2’.. like some women do.. that got to mean something rite? (she advices a lot of milk)

She doesn’t hold grudges… (well, there’s this one particular person that I am starting not to like- out of loyalty!, but kakak seems to have that ridiculous sense of- always forgiving and ‘kasi la chance dulu kat dia’. I forgive those who repent but ???? really?

Anyway, you got to admire these types of people- the ones with forgiveness with a snap.


Oh, there’s many more! But I’ll bore you.. (like, you think you’re the only one with an older sister??)


Well.. she’s pregnant now.. and I may uhmmm ‘cant-stand-the-annoying-pregnant-sister’ but all in all, she is oner terrific woman. Kakak, happy international woman’s day!


And to all other great women (that means all you female readers!) Happy to you gals too! …..though belated! *wink

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

alls well


One person in particular can’t just help but be stupid.