Friday, May 29, 2009

My new job...

Well guys, i'm back to become a 'skema person' for i-dont-know-how-long-i-can-tahan.
i have joined ke***** IB last 18th May. hahaha thanks to a.**y, aisyah is now terrified with R.isk M.anagement and now doing Product Development. huhuhuhu..

wont bore you guys with the details.

anyway, i think i like working here. eventho i dont see myself getting those high increments but teh ambiance is much better than am.

tapi, tengok dulu lah, cakap lebih2 sekarang, belum tentu elok hujung pangkal.

anyways, during my 1st week here, i've seen names of the MDs la.. but didnt know anything esle. then in the weekend, my cousins, brothers, all asking me about Tgz. how young, bla bla bla.
and yes, idiot me. aku x tau pun siapa die tu. i mean dont know how he looks like etc. so, i googled my boss. and i found his blog.

aku adalah bangga if he is the one leading this inv bank. tak tau la, tapi the way he writes is potraying he is very passionate and he thinks about others and not only profits.
he ahs his dowfalls and he stood up. ok. i think i'll like reading his blog. bukan for benefits in Kena.nga but for weekly dosage of motivation on working and being successful. gile mude mamat nih.

hmm.. i think i have to ask permission dulu kott nak link him up? eh kene ke?