Thursday, August 14, 2008


whoaa!! what a dusty site!!! :P

heheheh.. if you look at the date when i last update, it was the week my 'new' boss masuk keje..
then, the 'hell' started hahahahhaah

im soo not in the mood to elaborate in this, it will bring negative vibes- to me and to you guys as well i guess.. so, just leave it there lah.

but i was haunted by this phrase (song by Will Smith- just the 2 of us) the song he created for his son tu.. btw, its a good song. kalau ade version mommy to daughter, da tentu i'll sing it every night to aqish (mmmm and to future busyra... heheh :P).

anyways, yg stick in my head is ...
'Throughout life people will make you mad
Disrespect you and treat you bad
Let God deal with the things they do
Cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

......i've been having this HATE in my soul for quite some time now. particularly to this one guy. i've tried to so positive about him. tapi ade je yg 'sewel' die makes thru to my head.
bayangkan, sampai termimpi2. which i soooooo hate it some more.. ade rase nak belasah je. (ok, im now harnessing this hatred nampaknye. will stop here.)

and when i heard WS's song, i felt that this is seriously not good for me. i want to potray a healthy and happy life to my kids. and the way im going right now is not doing so.

what shall i do? well.. in the first place, i would like to 'jauhkan' myself from this pain in the S. (on it)
2nd- really2 praying hard so that i dont have to care what this guy thinks, do. he is a weirdo.

pastu, i dont know what to do next. hopefully my 1st plan tu menjadi la.. aminn.
and, for me an dmy family to have a decent and happy life.

Ya Allah, berilah ku kekuatan dan keteguhan iman. AMIN~