Wednesday, December 26, 2007

great party!

it was mua'dz's birthday yesterday and the parents kinda threw an in-prompt-to birthday party, with 24 hours notice to everyone.. so, berusahalah makcik pakcik mu'adz cari hadiah for him.. luckiy, i managed to find him (to me...) a good book.
anyways, it was great! all cousins got their goodie bag fill with toys customed to their age.. caya la ummi and ayah mu'adz! i can see aqish really had fun.. hahahah culikking all her cousins' mini chipsmore... aqish aqish
Aqish and her pursuit to happiness...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hari raya tomorrow!!

wuhuuuu!! selamat hari raya aidiladha! although tahun nih we're celebrating in KL.. tapi still rase beraya sbb sebok buat persiapan for tomorrow. hahah org lain buat rendang, we all buat barbecue.. best best

anyways.. selamat hari raya y'all!


i am happy.

i like it when strangers come up to me and ask me something. and i really like if i can help them. that satisfaction.

what i didnt expect but still really2 like is their such gratitude for the simplest help.

life is great.

Monday, December 17, 2007

what a weekend~

phiuhh! what a day. i am very sleepy. luckily the office is quite aman damai today.. hopefully it stays this way for a long long time lagi.. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

i have a healthy head and brain...

yesterday, i had a migrain attack. it was bad. its soo hard to have positive thoughts when a migrain strikes. i hate it. i slept it over.this morning, i wake up still having the dup dap dup dap in my head. luckily, my oh-so-dearest hubby sgt ceria and positive di pagi hari lifts up my spirit.(FYI, everytime i have migraine, ill take EL the next day. i couldnt angkat my head, inikan pulak to naik the train, beratur waiting the bus..- nak think about the whole process je pun da pening).. anyway, he was there. gave me semangat. (I LOVE YOU!!)
and what do you know, im in the office at 8.27am. wahhahaha awal siutt!

im geting thru this. im becoming healthy, even if the weather is cold, even if i didnt have my lunch, even if i terkena change my thoughts.. hubby hellped me a bit. cold.. what's good about cold? its a good environment to have s**. heheh.

:people should be having ~200 orgasm a year to be healthy:
~Dr Oz, Oprah

skipping lunch- ill have to eat a delicious dinner then... :) likey likeyterkena hujan- like a little kid.. playing in the rain.. lagipun, ingat kate emak, hujan itu rahmat. now with that in mind, why should i be mad at rains?
i love myself.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My 1st secret

hey everyone reading. this is my first attempt to re-start a blog after such a long long while. i hope i can go on, even tho a short post.

im doing this is because recently, ive been reading this book- the secret.

i've been influenced by Oprah (actually, 99% of what Oprah said will influence me- except for some issues relating her stance in marriage and her christianity).

You see, during those days, i like to take ELs when i feel very lazy to go to work. yeap, wasting my annual leaves just like that. sitting infront of the tv and do nothing, hoping no one from the office calls or anything. FORTUNATELY for me, i LOOOOVED to watch OPRAH.. a lot. i love Dr Oz, or anything that relates to good motivation towards health, wealth and happiness..

treng teng teng.. this one fine day i watched Rhonda Byrne and her secret team. telling stories about how powerful the mind is. AND on that day.. i began to start my quest to cari this buku yang penuh misteri..

to make long story short, i managed to find it at kinokuniya. whuhuuuu.. tak tau apa yg depa nih kecoh sgt. and i started reading. sambil menunggu KTM komuter yg sgt lembab itu, ye, i read. sambil menunggu bas B110 yg juge sgt lembab itu, ye, i read.


when i first read it, i was amazed but still sceptical. so, after reading like 10 pages, i put it on a test. with a joyous heart that morning, i asked, i believe, i recieved.
hahahh.. to my surprise and kinda kelakar jugak.. it DID happened.

i was feeling on top of the world sbb.. hehehe rahsia org kawen.
pergi kerja macam biase. i asked for the train to come just at the rite time. i asked and believed that the door stopped betul2 in front of me (kalau u olls nak tau, komuter nih adela sgt menduga keimanan sbb org dok beratur sepanjang stesen, kire lucky je kalau pintu train berenti depan korang-- huhuhu and the crowd! hahah bleh gaduh ok?). GUESS WHAT? i waited ONLY for less than 10 mins (kire skejap ok?) and the train arrives. and... the door bebetul in front of me. WHAT A BIG SMILE on my face boarding!
i was smiling, really2 smiling. and then i wanted more. i wanted to sit. i believed that someone will bangun and i can be sitted. GUESS again? belum sempat train tiba at Bdr Tasik Selatan, this guy in front of me stood up.. maybe preparing to get off at the next station. WAHAHHAHAH geeezz.. and i laughed inside all through the journey.

itu adalah me testing the secret. now i want more. sbb i believe i can have more. i want to live using the secret.
in fact, everyone can have what ever they want. just believe.. and dont forget to thank Allah because of the blessings.

He helped me.

so, most likely, ill be telling you stories, summaries about the book, my experience or maybe some one else's experience that i think will brightens up our lives.

Ya Allah, terima kasih di atas segala yg telah kau curahkan terhadap ku, keluarga ku sahabat handai ku. aku bersyukur Ya Allah.