Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gambar2 long due.. on busyra

hmm.. too bad i wasnt able to upload and show you my kilang bantal @ rumah auntie nor. but, for whats its worth, here are the pics of the final stage of Busyra Turns 1 project.
mengikat riben pink on the goodie bag by uwan & bibik

ready for shipping :)

Bantal Busyra for her nursery frens, with other goodies.
with the kids' name on it. hehe busyra pun kenelah dapat jugak :)

seronok sampai sekarang.
i hope the kids loved (and use) it :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busyra is 1 year old!

Sekali lagi, I am a very poyo mommy J


For Busyra’s first birthday, I made plans 1 month before the birthday. Unlike aqish, where I always plan last minute J sorry qish, I guess this is kinda like compensating adik on mama’s 2nd baby syndrome :p.


Anyway, for adik, I didn’t cook that much. But I think, effort wise, this time menang kott…

The menu:-

1-       Bubur Lambuk- her abah prepared this, sgt sedapp Jyummy

2-       Kek Coklat- for aqish, I usually buy from SR or Kings.. but kali ni cam rajin plak, lagipun sgt senang je kan??

3-       Chicken nugget

Semua makanan yg busyra can eat. Ehhehe kenela piker anak kan.. sbb beday die. Heh.


For goodie bag:-

1-       Homemade bantal with the kids name on it…

2-       London roll- ye ke ni nama die? Comot gile busyra makan, kiutnye.. thee hee hehe (poyo lagi)

3-       Giant jelly

4-       Balloons


Sekali lagi, no candies.. the girls’ abah insisted.

Yang paling havoc is making the bantal tu. 1 month planning beb! Why 1 month? Sebab then I have to sew 30 little pillows, that’s why.. tapi, lucky me, when I tossed the plan to my mom and aunt (auntie nor yg sgt hebat), they were the one who were more excited. So, at week 1 I bought the kains for the bantal and transfer papers. Week 2 balik kampong to buy the innings of the pillow, memula ingat nak pakai kabu since I know where to get them. Skali tu auntie nor suggest to use the poly apa ntah.. ala, yg ade in our normal bantal2 tu. Sgt murah, 1 kilo for rm16. 2 kilo is enough already tapi I gatal buy 4.. heheh (for sendiri guna jugak nih…). The same week, i.e. time balik kampong tu, my grandma- uwan greatest, mom- yg plg hebat and supportive, auntie nor and lil sis turned auntie nor’s living room into a kilang membuat bantal. The sewing, ironing, masukkan inning, semua setel kat situ. And, the best part is.. dalam less than 4 hours, 30 bijik bantal siap ok?? Hebat sehh.

Not only that, siap ade QC lagi (courtesy of my grandma @ anyang busyra insisting that the weigh of each bantal should be the same, kasi adil katanye…). It was the most productive week ever.


Hence, production was 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Aku sayang gile derang nih. (adik, you should be grateful to have such a supportive family tau!!! Remember this when you’re old!)


Anyway, syiok tgk bebudak ni peluk2 goodie bag derang. Hehehe.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

great to have you babe!

When I hear stories about romantic couples, real married couples.. Especially those ‘older’ couples…

Don’t you feel the sudden gratefulness of your own spouse? J



Friday, November 6, 2009

FW: [sim] ALERT : Taktik penjenayah terkini

Got an email from a friend..

Please be careful.
For your information.   ( Very Urgent )

If you see a guy (especially Indian) who rides a motorbike with a bloody hand knocking on your
window demanding you to stop and asking for tissue paper to clean the blood when you are driving a
car, remember DO NOT  stop the car at all. Even if he damages your car or holds the side mirrors
tightly, DO NOT   stop the car but drive directly to the nearest police station. This kind of
criminal tactics have been reported in about 40 cases in Seremban, K. Lumpur, Shah Alam, P.Jaya and
Klang Town police stations (actually around the whole country).

These guys are mainly Indian gangsters,  They work in a group and dare to commit this crime even in
crowded areas where nobody will dare to stop the car to help you. The main purpose of this dirty
tactic is to rob you and/ or even commit rape if you are female driver driving alone. Please forward
this message to the people you care about.

Dr Jeyashree Srinivasan
Island Hospital


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Camne kalau aku sgt marah dgn sorang mamat nih?

Macam die je buat keje kat dunia nih. Nak tolong, lebih2 plak. Badigol.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

aku malu fullstop

Hhuhuhuhu.. sedihnye terhadap diri sendiri.

Malu sbb ex sekolah agama, malu anak ustad AND ustazah, malu sbb score A1 dalam pendidikan agama islam dulu, malu laki pun ex sekolah agama…malu.

I am bloody ignorant. I take these advantages for granted.


My Chinese friend asked me ‘aisyah, what is the different between NABI and RASUL?’

Aisyah yg cam bang.ang pun jawab (dgn konpiden2 ayam plak tu..kalau x pasti, cakap je la terus terang kan?)

‘ooo.. hmm if I’m not mistaken la.. it depends on the challenges faced by them. Its like, Noah, his people was against him when he was building the boat. Bla bla..


‘So, nabi.. they preach?’


(okay, ni answer plg bodho) ‘yes, both of them preach.. sbb challenges die if im not mistaken..’




‘Yes, he’s a rasul.. not sure what was his challenges tho’ (sorry, mmg aku x tau.. dgr cerita je tapi x stick in my head.. pathetic I know)


My keyword here was CHALLENGES. And not OBLIGATION to preach…


During lunch, I called ikanku yg Nampak cam x alim.. heheh tapi he’s my religion reference, after ayah went away…


‘hmmm.. bukan la yang…both nabi n rasul receives premonition but rasul has the obligation utk sampaikan to his people’ ADUHHHH…(!!@#$!@!)




Oooo, by the way, I corrected it with Joana. ;P malu beb.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

on a boring post part2...

Hedge Acc.ounting. Ok, some organization and I think most people (aku slalu ingat my opinion is most people’s opinion hehehehe…tapi, from my observation la.. during meetings, write ups, internet searches etc…) when applying Hedge Acc.ounting, its for avoiding volatility in your PnL kan? So that u don’t have to do a lot of explaining la, not to misrepresent your company la.. whatever la, im no expert.


Hehehe.. tapi.. ade gak rupenye org yg opt not to apply HA as he purposely wants company’s PnL to be volatile so that our market (current;y slow and boring~~~) to be more exciting. Wtf?


Ade juge org cam ni. Hahahah




Tuesday, September 29, 2009

birthday aqish...

first of all, all young parents are 'poyo parents' and are vey excited when it comes to their kid's birthday, even if the kid is only 1 year old.. (as is she remembers any of it laa...). Those with money 'tok sah cakap laa'. the fortune they spent.. and for those mediocre family like myself, we have energy to spend. and that energy my friend... hmmm what can i say, its all worth it.

when aqish turned 1 on 2007, it was a last minute thing (this is becoming a tradition...), planned within 3 days and invitation sent to family members via sms. wallah! berbuka puase cum birthday party at aqish's place.
previously, the night before, i think it was on the 24th or 23rd sept... we went shopping for tidbits to put in her goodie packs for her nursery friends (like she understands...).
i think it was on the 24th~ because me and ikan stayed until (urghh forgot but very very late) to pack all 40+ goodie packs. i did the packing, ikan stayed up baking his mini cinamon rolls (boy do i mish this~~). [i'll dig some old pics later]
so, the menu was- (i)birthday cake (ii)mini cinabon (iii)goodie pack- susu dutch lady (sbb aqish suke minum), kuih bahulu, jelly, balloons (ada lagi ke abah? x ingat...) didnt cook that much because i only cook/ give things aqish would eat and... i had to prepare and cook for buka puasa the next day. on 25th, took half day (due to my hobby of wasting my ALs) and continue cooking for the buka puasa for >10 people (rumahku sgt kecik ok?).

when aqish turned 2 in 2008, lagi kesian. it was still in bulan ramadhan. still last minute. but, both ikan and me were in a fever streak. since the whole process of packing, cooking, blah blah are a team effort, hence we only managed to buy her a cake for both family celebration and for her nursery friends. lagi pun, atuk wasnt in that good shape for travelling etc, so mama is not in the mood for celebration.

this year, aqish is THREE... at last, she is bigger and she understands the whole hoo ha.
still, it was a last minute thing. i took half day (like usual...but this is because i'm still under probabtion, so kene tunjuk baik sket. sket je). i announced the seremban clans that i'm buying a cake to celebrate at kakak's house (she was gathering everyone for her open house, so, what the heck.. less trouble preparing :) ). that afternoon off, i went shopping for goodie packs for her cousins plak. masih a mediocre family (bile ntah nak kaya raya...), i bought stationeries instead of junkies. nasib baik they loved it cause most of aqish's cousins are kindergarten goers<-- apakah?? so, writting, drawing is their passion la nih.

For her nursery friends, we shopped (last minute again...) at jusco on sunday evening (planned to celebrate on Monday-28/9). the best part was- aqish did the choosing. except for jajan- she wanted mamee but i guess jusco was out of it.. so i picked roller coster? derang ni makan ke idak ntah.
It was fun. especially during packing later that night. SHE packed and labeled (verbally) the packs for her friends..."mmm ni untuk lukman..." "ini untuk fahmi"...
AKU ADALAH MAK PALING POYO DAN BANGGA PADA WAKTU ITU KERANA ANAK AKU DA BESAR... isk isk isk.. thrilled dalam kesayuan. ewahhhh.
but, i guess Allah knows that we were kinda tired (coming back from Seremban and all).. our 'kepala gas' bocor... so, cant cook. and it was already 10 pm.
so, it was postponed to the next day-29/9.

the menu was: (i) Spegs n meatballs (ii) Chicken balls (iii) Egg Sandwich (iv) kuih raya (v) goodis packs- milo kecik (aqish insist nak yg comey), rocky (her fav!), roller coster, apple, balloon. no sweets. abah die x kasi....Tied together with the packs are aqish magnets. lagi last minute. :)

i'll update pics (very low quality) later. seronot nak citer my aqish has grown...

Friday, September 11, 2009

good stranger/ colleague i guess?

I am happy to have met this wonderful colleague.

Its nothing personal but I am grateful Allah sent this guy to be the matter expert for my project.

Wouldn’t it be great if all professionals are like him? Experienced yet humble and most importantly patiently helping others to see the light.

(ok, x leh puji lebih2 sbb baru kenal. :p)

(nak selit one thang here…)

Happy Birthday to my lovely Suami: Ikan.

Cam lagi romantic je panggil suami, compared to hubby. Heh poyonye.

Pity me for not having that yearly bonus to spulrge~~~ huhuhuhhu AM! Kasik balik duit aku weh!! Heheheh (berangan dapat balik…)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Johnson&Johnson Baby of the year

Thanks to noori for the pics~~

Doakan busyra menang~~~ hoyehhhh

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busyra Hannah

A picture of Busyra.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cup cake class with Kak Jun

I’ve attended this decorating class with Kak Jun, of the famous Kasih Cup Cakes. She was a wonderful trainer. She was fast though, but I don’t mind since my mom is like her- very quick in doing things.

The class for beginners is at RM170.
Datang lenggang kangkong because everything is prepared by Kak Jun.
Basically, she teaches how to make fondant and make it into decorations. In her class, she teaches to do 10 designs but once you’ve made the 5th design, you are poured with ideas inside your head.
Although it took almost one whole day, but it was fun and cant wait to do my own. J

p/s. please ignore date in picture.

1st design

2nd design

3rd design

4th design

utk baby shower bagai...


Friday, August 14, 2009

Influenza A(H1N1) - Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Influenza A(H1N1) - Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Shared via AddThis


I vow to try to write in proper english in blog entries, provided that I am not expressing in malay.


I will try to avoid ‘rojak’ languages from now on. ß as long as I am here ;)


I hope this helps me… J


(suddenly I foresee my writings will not excite me anymore…)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Adakah aku naïve?


Yes, I do feel I am a bit naïve sometimes, but most of the times, I just like the world I live in to be full of truthful and thoughtful bla bla bla people (am I in denial and berangan2?).


When I see peace demonstrations to fight war/ unfairness/ or to promote peace/ green world etc., I feel touched by those supporters. Terharu ok, esp when some other race is fighting for fairness for another race. I assumed those people I see in the TV/ newspaper, holding banners, boards and what not is sincere in fighting for the cause. Even it might not make a huge impact; I assumed that they wish for at least a small change to the world. Maybe, dgn bersuara, some leaders (outside or inside Malaysia) would hear their discontent and hopefully will react. Hopefully…


Adakah what I feel and think is simply naïve?

My boss thinks so. And I am soo disappointed (sampai I post it here…)


I believe when my friends join any (peace) demos are because of they truly believe in the cause. Tidakkah begitu kenkawan?


Well, when I was on my boikot against M&S, McD, I wish that it made a difference (even a tinie minie one). Ok, skang aku da mengalah la kan (hmmm.. so not proud!)


And, if I were to join in any demo (peace) I simply do it because I believe in it. And not for show.


Boy I am soo surprised with what my boss had to say.

He told me that last time, during his Uni he used to join those peace demonstrations. He mentioned one demo was on the Israel intrusion in Palestinian land, die pun x ingat sbb he is (I think) in his 40s. I was touched. Dalam hati, wahhh bagus btul boss aku nih (he’s chi.nese). even lain religion, he gives a damn.

Jeng jeng jeng… he told me he joined just for the memoirs. Wtf? Hanya utk amek gamba and show off to his children/ grands that he joined all this.

?????? hancur luluh ok.


Adakah semua org macam ni? When I shook my head, he said “why? You think it makes a different? Just for show only la.. why so naïve?”


I still believe that there’s people who cares lot about the world, and not simply doing things for their own agenda.  

I know I am, if I were to involve myself.


Ooo, btw, this is a pic of me during (before) supporting the rat race on 11th Aug 2009- Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

xde mood.

I know this is not good for health, spreading the negativity and all..



I am not in a good mood. Semua aku nak marah. Haishhhh.


Rase nak solibum je perasaan ni.


Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kegembiraan dan semangat kepada ku.




Friday, August 7, 2009


Saje nak test

Aqish mase kecik. Sama x cam busyra?

Oops xde gamba busyra terbaru plak. Laterz


updet diet ikan

heheheh sebok je aku. x join2 diet tapi sebok nak kasi result ikan :p

anyway- ikan lost 4% of his weight (hmmm rasenye la.. )

baju cam da nampak gelebeh.
tali pinggang size turun 2.

aisyah peluk da x best sgt.. sbb x se full dulu :p heheheh

so, far, aisyah still makan carb seperti biase. kurang sikit je.
ikan da nak abes his 2 weeks phase (even tho ari tu tertampered by sausage)



Monday, August 3, 2009

happy birthday ayah..

hmm... every year on this day, my tradition would be-

truttt truttt trutt trutt
"happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to ayah
happy birthday to you!"

"happy birthday the , eh ayah da umur brapa ayah?"

"i am XX years old already!"

"hehe sorry. anyways, selamat hari jadi. semoga panjang umur murah rezeki dan dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik!"

"thank you my dear."
"kak teh balik x minggu ni?"

"insyaAllah.. haa.. ayah nak buat party ke? heheh."

"kak teh la buatkan."

"ecah org ke berapa ucap ni?"

"you are the XXX (selalunye 2nd/ 3rd) to wish me. XXX telefon pagi tadi..."

"hehehe okalah ayah, happy birthday skali lagi."

"terima kasih... semoga kak teh pun murah rezeki dan diberkati Allah"

i know i cant call ayah. i called mak. just checking, is she ok. nasib baik one of the neighbours were at the house, chatting. x sedih sgt kot.

ayah, i miss you soo much.
al fatihah.


Monday, July 27, 2009


lupe lak nak sebut why i want in in his diet.

my cholesterol adalah tinggi. 6.01mmol/L <-- what aever this means.
high risk borderline is 5.17 - 6.19. High Risk adalah 6.20.

you see?

tapi aku adalah sedikit lek sbb it runs in my family. my mom, aunts.. we all have high cholesterol. tapi sbb derang byk buat keje, aku x sangat.. takat naik turun tangga monorel and star? hahaha ooo.. and badminton every week.

masih in need of good eating lifestyle.

kot2 it can help reduce my migraines? hmmm amin!

that's why.

S.outh B.each Diet

Ikan and I- we're going on a diet. supposedly starting yesterday but i let him start first. i'll start maybe hmm.. not sure yet. too much sacrifice! hahaha

anyway. its called the S.outh B.each Diet.

i'm reading the book now.. ikan da khatam last week. basically this diet has 3 phases.
phase 1- strictly no carb, plenty milk, meat (lean), eggs. this is for 2 weeks
phase 2- moderate good carb, plenty milk, meat (lean), eggs. this is until u reach ur target weight.
phase 3- hmm.. im not sure. tapi this is part of your way of life da. even les strict.

the best part about this diet is you can cheat. kalau tetibe i wanted to eat my choc moulten, then makan la.. pastu go back to the phase where i was. or something like that. like i said, havent finished reading yet.

however, i dont know whether i can sustain or not. to sacrifice my WHITE BREAD? WHITE RICE? ok, actually, i can still have it, just as not the amount like before- ie A LOT!! uhuhuhu besh nyeeee roti gardenia putih~~ sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja!

well... short term verdict- after ikan's 2 weeks of phase 1. aku maybe lambat sket start.. or maybe terus start phase 2.

Friday, July 24, 2009

post complaint.

hehehe menyasar sket. tapi nak komplen jap.

its about people who uses the mono.rail.

background- mono.rail pepagi esp at stt h.tuah is very jammed pack ok. all the way to rj chulan st. at times, i wouldnt get to hop on the train pun because it was full! and i had to wait for the next 2/ 3 trains after. ok, bleh bayangkan kepadatannya?

tapi, in between stations, of course la ade yg org keluar, may include those who were sitting. but at the same time, ade lagi org yg nak masuk.. so padat maintains an issue.

my komplen- why when those people who just emptied their seat (to get off), the people standing in front of the EMPTY SEAT just wont sit? (ok, ko bakal turun next station, but you are at the same time blocking others from entering the train, or if not so, hindering others from a more comfortable ride?) susah sangat ke dr tgh pegang holder tu and sit? or... kalau ko macho sgt la, na diri je.. lalukan bon.tot ko yg besau itu dan offer kat org yg nak duduk ke? and org lain pun.. DUDUK la wei. aku sesak kat belakang ni.... ko duduk, buleh la free sket ruang.
how on earth orang yg dr seberang sana (yg also saw the empty seat but cant seem to move sbb badan da senget nak maintain gravity point so that tak tumbang...) nak 'terbang' to THAT seat?

my hope- boleh x Malaysian, put aside their 'alaa, malas la nak duduk' whatever and think about other people... x kesah la that u're getting off the next station or you can/prefer to stand. what about the rest?

but, i am a bit satisfied in terms of people nowadays being courteous towards pregnant people. i am specifically talking about ppl in mono.rail and S.TAR users cause i use them. K.omuter tu da x dapat nak buat apa2. lost hope- perkhidmatan and few users of the perkhidmatan.
anyway, a lot of times i witnessed a lot of people, including youngsters offering their seats. sampaikan few times witnessed some people yg a bit big size esp at the tum tum area being offered a seat, i think becoz of being mistaken for pregnant. hmmm... guilty x rase?
(hahah a fren of harizah once made that type of comment towards me, thinking that i am pregnant- at my defence: aku ade perut sbb csect ok.. hahahah alasan!)

ok. enuff comment. panjang plak komplen aku nih.

Monday, July 20, 2009

a boring post...pfft

this entry is written sbb aisyah is so demn bored. why? work related so, kalau aku cerite, bertambah busan la sekalian umat...

aku gi langkawi ari tu, with keluarga kedah. hishh nak sambung cite pun malas. beli coklat and mandi seharian. aqish syiok main pasir, busyra syiok mandi air laut. apa lagi aku nak citer? ok, AB motel adalah best. x yah mewah2. janji kawasan kaw.. mlm sketnye happening. just imagine, bangun tido je (ok, mak kedah yg da bangun dulu membuka pintu bilik...) lantas nampak laut sedang me still on bed! :) likeyyy. Bersih. siap ade papan tanda- no beer. baguihh. pastu basic necessity ade- aircond and water heater. tapi towel kene bawa sendiri la.. ada prepared tapi u know la.. towel in motels nih... ;p. maybe bercadang nak gi ngan family seremban pulak- the same motel. mak da start kasik green light for her to go vacation tapi still bersyarat. she wants my grandma to come along sbb she'll miss my dad even more kalau only the immediate families go. :( tapi xpe, mak is getting there! and i hope my lil sis too~ :)

ehhh baru teringat. no photos taken. hahahah sian busyra. time gi ngan aqish dulu, selambak photo. die tgh tido la.. tgh main pasir la. main air la. huhhh takpela busyra! u'll alwasy be mama's comey lil girl! (aqish- u be mama's cantek lil girl kan?)

sambung jap gi-----------------

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the secre.t

A reminder- sometimes i forget...

1- Know exactly what you want.
2- Ask the universe for it.
3- Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is already yours (visualize).
4- Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment to) the outcome.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the universe will manifest a person's desires.

Monday, June 29, 2009

apa aku nak buat skarang?

aku cam excited nak buat keje ni. nak submit this application for the bank.
da prepare email, da draft surat to BNM, da ade plan nak buat camne...

sbb, to me it seems simple.

boleh plak di hold back atas sbb2 yg simple? aiyoooo admin stuff la, lenkali leh buat. submit dulu!

arghhhh aku pening~~~

Monday, June 15, 2009

Visiting the zoo.

Aqish lately tgh learning to recognise animals- sbb i bought her this sticker book (aku sgt merekomen kat kamu semua wahai kenkawan aku yg ade anak ~2 to 3 years, actually, 1yr + pun ok kott....)

anyway, before this she only knows
1- Cat (sometimes refered as meow<-- membetulkan ianya adalah CAT setelah aku terangkan 'meow' adalah bunyi)
2- Dog
3- Cow (sometimes refered as mmmm<-- membetulkan ianya adalah COW juge setelah aku terangkan 'mooo' adalah bunyi. nak sebut moooo pun susah. hahaah :p aqish aqish)
6-Ribbit ... guess what this animal is? hahah FROG. penat dok ajar arnab tu rabbit... she maintains
8-Ulat (hahaha ni ikan ajar sbb ikan geli...)
11- monkey
12- mariposa

tambahan after the sticker book;
1- ular
2- Ainoshe'es (as in Rhinoceros)
3- bug
4- jebra
5- jiyaf
6- butterfly (baru die tau yg mariposa tu butterfly...)
7- hmm apa lagi yeh.. the sticker book not infront of me.. need her abah's help with this.

anyway, we think that we could introduce her with those animals or perhaps even more animals kalau we go to the zoo... i think her age is quite reasonable to go . cam busyra, mesti x dpt tangkap apa2 punye :)

so kenkawan, wanna join us? x tau bile nak pergi...
Zoo Negara

Visitor Info - Opening Hours and Rates
Zoo Negara by Day is open daily from 9.00am – 5.00pm
Adult Children (3yrs old-12yrs old)Senior Citizen (60 years above)
RM15.00RM 6.00RM 6.00
Free entry if it is your birthday!
(Please bring along I/C or birth certificate as proof)

hmm... shud i wait for Aqish's bday? hahaha no lah. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hahaah.. wat did i tell you?? :p

heheheh... referring to my previous entry on not specifically asking for something in your doa?

guess what.

i was tired yesterday and all i wanted is to get a seat in the LRT. dalam hati, aku dok la ulang2 mintak2la aku dapat duduk. Ya Allah, please i need to sit down. serious aku penat gilos.

LRT sampai, aku kene diri kejap je. pas 2/3 station aku da dapat duduk da. TETAPI. aku salah naik tren. when i realised aku da dekat maluri ke mana ntah. so, i had to keluar kat pandan jaya and naik the opposite train.
i laughed like hell dalam hati. kt luar aku senyum je la. NICE ONE kene kat aku.

tu dia kawan2~~~~~~~~~ first hand example. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Saje to remind myself and perhaps share.. of my doas i make everyday.

1- Everytime after prayers
'Ya Allah, ampunkan lah dosaku, dosa ibubapaku, dosa suamiku, dosa anak2 ku, dosa seluruh keluargaku.
Panjangkan umur kami, murahkan rezeki kami. Ya Allah, berkatkanlah hidup kami.
Berikanlah kami yg terbaik untuk kami. Hanya Engkau yg Maha Mengetahui.
Lindungilah kami dari segala bala bencana dunia, gangguan daripada makhluk2 mu yg berniat jahat, gangguan daripada syaitan dan makhluk halus, lindungilah kami daripada gangguan sihir. lindungilah kami daripada fitnah tohmahan, hasad dengki. jauhkanlah kami daripada org2 yg tidak baik, jauhkan kami sendiri daripada sifat2 mazmumah'
'Dekatkan kami dgn org yg beriman, yg penyayang, penyabar dan org2 yg baik. dekatkan kami dgn org yg bersifat mahmudah. dekatkanlah hati2 kami sendiri dgn sifat2 mahmudah. Dekatkan kami dgn org2 yg menggembirakan hati kami Ya Allah.
Ya Allah, berikanlah kejayaan yg cemerlang kepada kami, kebahagiaan dunia akhirat. Masukkan lah kami ke dalam syurga Ya Allah.'
'Allahumaghfirli wali wali daiya warham huma kama robbayani saghiro'

2- Every morning before going to work
'Ya Allah, semoga hari ini berlalu dgn aman damai, gembira, memuaskan hati dan produktif. Berikanlah aku berita2 gembira pada hari ini Ya Allah.'

3-Bila aku tgh stress
'Ya Allah, kuatkan lah semangat aku. Kembalikan lah saat2 gembiraku. Aku mohon pertolongan Mu ya Allah.'

4-Specific bile aku teringatkan (arwah) Ayah and Mak
'Ya Allah, lindungilah kedua ibubapaku. Jagailah mereka sepertimana mereka menjaga ku sejak kecil. Ya Allah, tempatkan roh bapaku bersama2 org yg beriman, masukkanlah dia ke dalam Syurga Mu Ya Allah. Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat ibuku, berikan lah kegembiraan dan kebahagian kepadanya. Panjangkah umurnya ya Allah. sesungguhnya aku masih memerlukannya. Ampunkan lah dosa2 kedua ibubapaku.
Ya Allah, ko balaslah dgn balasan yg sebaik2nya kepada mereka dan adikku Fatimah. Ampunkan dosanya sesungguhnya dia anak yg solehah. kau gembirakan lah hatinya, cemerlangkanlah hidupnya, temukan jodoh yg terbaik untuknya.'

i know, sounds childish and x mengikut template doa biasa tapi aku more focused and memahami lantas lebih bermakna utk aku. hehehe :)

tapi, about the doa everymorning tu, i tell you. sangat membantu. i rarely feel stress. and, kalau u ask for even more specific things, insya Allah, when you analyse your day, you dapat exactly what you asked for.
but, i dont doa for things very specific macam 'aku nak gaji $$$' hehehe sbb hanya Allah je yg tahu what is best for me. so, just doa untuk yg terbaik.

Taking from a fren's quote. doa makes wonders. betul.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My new job...

Well guys, i'm back to become a 'skema person' for i-dont-know-how-long-i-can-tahan.
i have joined ke***** IB last 18th May. hahaha thanks to a.**y, aisyah is now terrified with R.isk M.anagement and now doing Product Development. huhuhuhu..

wont bore you guys with the details.

anyway, i think i like working here. eventho i dont see myself getting those high increments but teh ambiance is much better than am.

tapi, tengok dulu lah, cakap lebih2 sekarang, belum tentu elok hujung pangkal.

anyways, during my 1st week here, i've seen names of the MDs la.. but didnt know anything esle. then in the weekend, my cousins, brothers, all asking me about Tgz. how young, bla bla bla.
and yes, idiot me. aku x tau pun siapa die tu. i mean dont know how he looks like etc. so, i googled my boss. and i found his blog.

aku adalah bangga if he is the one leading this inv bank. tak tau la, tapi the way he writes is potraying he is very passionate and he thinks about others and not only profits.
he ahs his dowfalls and he stood up. ok. i think i'll like reading his blog. bukan for benefits in Kena.nga but for weekly dosage of motivation on working and being successful. gile mude mamat nih.

hmm.. i think i have to ask permission dulu kott nak link him up? eh kene ke?

Friday, April 24, 2009

FMD dinner- hollywood meets bollywood

The annual FMD dinner.
verdict- ok la. biase je. aku dapat voucher lagi... better la dr dapat coffe maker?? ishh

the CEO.. Datin M.az.nah Mah.bo.b
and menyelit itu unfortunately is my boss, yg i dok cerita itu :p

Yasotha, me and Tun. called him Tun sbb his name is Maha.thi.r Moham.ad Bin Mohd. El.ias.
hahaha guessed his dad's a fan of the former tun kan?

Here's a video of.. an embarassing XXX.. aiyoh!! adakah aku staff die???

ok la.. they invited this dance gurus to perform and gave us some 101 merengge llessons.. i think that is how you spell it. kinda fun.. esp when the ED announced the company's PBT of ~RM36mil. whoaa.. thats cool memandangkan what a crapy year everyone went thru. buttt.. unfortunately i x dapat nak merase that piece of 36mil cause of the resignation thingy.. lantakla. i have to get my S moving la.. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

no. 4- Bibik kakal i yg balik indon

hahahah.. actually this topic is seriously xda apa2.

ini cerita bibik suhartatik nama dia. die adalah bibik kakak aku di seremban sana. bibik ini adalah sgt best dan baik.

soto die best dan sungguh pantas pembuatannya.
die gosok baju aku sgt licin ok. (heheh cume die x gosokkan tshirts la... heheh)
die masak ikan goreng berlada sgt best.
very humble and sangat senang utk berborak bersama.

last ramadhan, die balik indon. kunon utk balik cuti raya je. sekali tu husband die x kasi die balik sini sbb mereka udah kaya. perniagaan di jawa udah maju.

masa tu ayah meninggal. sedih sbb bibik xde leh kongsi sedih. die pun terkilan sbb x sempat tgk ayah b4 meninggal. (tu lahhh.. sape suh ikut cakap suami.. hahahha aisyah jahat! i know that!)

anyway, its no biggie sbb die da balik sini dah. mayeb her last year kot. hmm..

hahahah gile hambar cerita ini! :p

Lil princess number 2~~~

hahaha.. long due punye entry da...
anyway, this is my Busyra... (betul ke, ade org kate nama Busyra nih banyak nama org Pakistan...??)

As at today, lom ade lagi formal short name untuk busyra. ade yg panggey bush bush, uwo (fr busyro), abush, busyrahannah (her cousin calls her this everytime...), and aqeesh calls her wana (short for busyrahannah).

Busyra lahir in Hospital Serdang, on 17th November 08. cerita dia, on that monday morning, (her EDD was supposed to be 18th...) yours truly cuak sbb mc da abes and if i want to get another week of mc, i have to go back to seremban and meet dr intan. mmg kompem la dapat sbb my perut sgt la besar. anyway, my MIL was around and she suggested if i just check in the emergency in Serdang, kunon2 da datang tanda la.. time tu mmg da ade la sket contraction tapi leh tahan lagi la.. hahah tapi sbb mc nye pasal, maka bergegas lah. ehh, macam da cerita la plak kan? anyway.. here's busyra's pics.

Busyra baru beberapa minit lahir ke dunia..
now look at her big sis...


no2 again..no1 again...
aku ingat cam sama je derang ni, tapi lelama tengok beza eh?

masa busyra kat icu ari tu. cuak mama.. love you darling~~

my dearies~~

letih la plak upload gamba2 nih.. maybe i'll post it in my photopages.. hahahah kalau la iya masih hidup ok?


Friday, April 17, 2009

things to write...

kenkawan, actually, i have a milion things i want to write. i have tons of ideas i want to share and shout out.
dah la, my initial intention for blogging is to publish stories on 'the secret' or you might just can call it 'laws of attraction'. pastu, along the way byk bende2 best and x best yg i want to write too. tapi selalu bile depan pc, .................. kosong.

selalu, everytime balik keje, in the car and time jam (or not...) mesti i have this rush of ideas. things aku nak kenkawan or anyone tau. olah, lantaklah samada blog aku dibace ke tidak (cliche kan.. setiap kali we comment something like this about one's blog...hahaahha watever lah.)

anyhow. i envy anness, faryna yg dapat update kerap2 nih. even sepatah. aku puas ati bace. sbb aku tau derang alive. hahahah kenkawan, aku alive cume tu lah. idea rush datang time aku tgh drive. how? kalau la blog ni leh bace je pemikiran aku and terus update blog.. hahahhah ok, aku da merapu.

tapi kalau ade mase tu, aku nak update:-
1-Busyra hannah nye gamba- comparison with aqish (gile long due!!!)
2-Hollywood meets Bollywood FMD dinner
3-How i use the secret dlm carik keje
4-Bibik kakak yg ari tu balik, buat aku sedih tapi la ni da balik sini balik. bibik nih serious best sbb die sgt baik and comforting :)
5-Maid baru aku and my face (and fight...) with my own demons of being a 'manager'.. hahah korang mesti ingat aku poyo sbb as tho aku sorag je ade maid. tapi serious korang, aku really sucked in delegating. <-- x jadi sbb die smoking lantas di hantar kembali ke agentnye dong. but for what its worth, gile best bibik nun nih... umah aku berkilat, without kene suruh or even sajes pun, she irons our shirts! (t-shirt bangang kitorng ok?) i miss her!!! why la why la????
6-Bandung Trip yg best
7-Birthday2 party yg aqish pergi
8-How i use the secret dlm beli kete baru (last year ok??)
9-My Bro's tree house in seremban.
10-ESQ- especialy part on 'leadership priciples'
11-bende2 yg aku syukur vs bende2 yg aku sgt benci that i need help to let go... :(

banyak lagi sebenarnye. heheheh. apa kata korang vote mana aku shud tulis dulu..heheheheh :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bile la aku nak rajin letak gambar2 nih..

blog aku nampak hambar, kan? tapi malas nak gi upload gambar. sbb gambar2 byk dlm pc, which is the 'office room' <-- hahaha opis ke, macam stor je kan abah?

bilik tu xdek kipas, so, kalau nak buat keje kat bilik itu adalah malas sekali. laptop ikan x pandai nak upload gambar from phone aku... camne? hishhh.. busan.

tetibe je aku teringat seperkara nih. pernah x berlaku kat u guys?

i have this perangai x senonoh yg suka blame/ mengharapkan sesuatu utk kunonnye nak capai sesuatu... ok, u guy s might have trouble understanding that statement.. heheheh


1- i failed this stupid SC exam back in 2006... i blame me not having a 'meja study' for me to study. lantas, i menggesa suamiku utk pergi ke ikea dan membeli meja murah bernama vika amon kott... heheheh
apabila dah selesai beli... guess what.. hahah ya betull.. x pakai pun. aku staudy depan tv jugak... tapi takut ikan marah aku pass... :)

2-i insisted on getting a printer (time tu, printer lama da rosak..) in order for me to cari kerje lain (time nih still dok kat USJ and PC di luar).
dah dapat printer... ya betul! aisyah malas nak cari kerje jugak. lelast cari time keje.. heheh :p

3-in my effort to excercise and doing more outdoor activities, i said to ikan that we need to buy a set of badminton racquets.

pakai sekali due je rasenye... heheh pastu nak bangun gi park pun malas. :P tapi aku tetap nak jadikan habit kitorang gi park during weekends for family time :)

4-i blamed the above bilik menyebabkan i cant search new job opportunities via internet (hahah kes cari keje baru mmg menyusahkan.. hehe). lantas, i insisted on ikan to install wi-fi at our small home.. hehehe. beriye la ikan gi low yatt beli belkin.. hahahah tapi ni berhasil sbb aku slalu gak la surf .. janji depan tv... tapi kalau abang aku tau nih, mesti die sound aku sbb bukannye ramai org nak paki pun inet kat umah. lain la kat seremban. 7 adik beradik, 7 laptop. kalau time balik tu, aku rase sumer berlumbe nak gune inet. hahah. tapi pasang wi-fi kat umah seremban to me is beneficial sbb anak2 buah aku terre surf internet. aku suke.

5-heheh.. aku mintak sewing machine kat ikan sbb aku nak jahit baju kurung aqish. hehehe sib baik ikan da masak ngan perangai aku, lelast die suruh pinjam kakak's machine. kalau aku berjaya siapkan baju raya aqish ari tu, maka aku dapat mesin itu.
and you guys guessed it. jadahnye aku nak siapkan baju kurung weh?!

ikan pun sejak dua menjak ni da mule terpengaruh ngan aku.

1-he wanted a bicycle baru ade motivasi nak gi park ujung minggu..
hahah.. you guys think?

2-die nak pressure cooker baru variety masakan kitorang.. (ni sbb lauk2 kitorng sangat x macam faryna.. hehehe hampir sama setiap minggu.. )

tapi, being a kedekut as myself.. dan memandangkan bende2 yg ikan mintak is wayyyyyy mahal fr what i asked for.. of course la aku x menyokong.. heheh

ye, aisyah kejam. sekian.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

my take on 2008...

ye, aku tau.. this is kinda irrelevant memandangkan da nak bulan february dah.. tapi i somehow nak lepaskan this from my chest and meng'visualise'kan ketidak syukuran aku so that aku should bersyukur. (my own therapy towards moving on)

if you ask me la nih what my take on 2008- terus terang i say I HATE IT.

aku benci changes and to me the BIGGEST changes happenned during 2008.

On March 2008, my dearie boss left the company. i learnt alot from this guy. he managed us (the whole team) very nice. memang nampak die sayang kat team die, tak kire cine ke india ke, melayu ke... pastu, he's generous, kind and very helpful. ye, memang ade flaws die tapi to me, kebaikan mengatasi keburukan. dan no, im not in love dgn my boss okeh? tapi, he was a great boss lah.
he even left me and amarjit some farewell 'gifts' before he left. see.. very nice..

so, after die pergi, yes.. i was lost ok. tapi sib baik ade amarjit, my counselor. heheh. tapi da x best dah opis tu...

then, by May08, my new boss masuk. sangat benci sbb 1st day masuk, leh lak xde inisiatif nak kenal2 ngan team die nih. ntah apa2 ntah dok dlm opis main ngan pc and laptop die. setiap org yg datang nak sapa, leh lak buat cam 'malasnye nak layan ko nih' nye style.

so, 1st impression die mmg sucked ok? tapi kitorng didnt gave him a hard time pun. siap nak explain apa kitorng buat... serious die xnak dgr. mmg merana laa...

pastu, ade hati la nak ajak makan lunch sesama. kunon nak berkenalan la... but turns out.. him busy talking about himself. dah la boring gile cerita die. x menarik mana pun. plain O plain O.
then.... hahahah to our surprise! bleh lak bagi announcement yg 'we shud do this quarterly.. tapi you all bayar sendiri la makanan you all'... hish... perlu ke buat announcement cenggitu? ingat kitorng nih pelahap duit org ke?
yess, andrew selalu belanje.. tapi often kitorang paham2 sendiri and bayar la kat die cik oii!! aku sgt x paham boss baru aku nih. and lepas2 tu, sume actions and sayings die sume merapu and annoying. nak tau how annoying? sampaikan aku kene doa everyday, every saat (almost) so that aku wont be stressed that day (everyday ok??). ye, i need Allah's help in dealing with him.
tapi, aku x tau la die nih actually very mean ke or simply misunderstood??

tulah experience ngan boss baru. my bad la my 1st boss was such a nicey!
banyak lagi ke'hampeh'an die tapi sgt malas nak elaborate. an everyday story tau. so, if you sum it all up, since May08 to Jan09??? wahh banyaknye stupid and stressful stories.. (tu le pasal i need Allah's help).

pastu, June08... the week kenduri harizah. my dad start sakit. i wasnt in seremban for most of his illness so aku tak tau keadaan die se well cam kakmah. furthermore aku pregnant, my siblings tend to hide some things from me, takut jeopardise the baby.
started out dgn both of his feet swollen. memule tu mak aku cakap ayah tertido sambil buat treatment kaki yang pakai infrared tu. and acin(my nephew) telah mehcontinue je mesin tu when it stops.. kire macam over dossage of infrared. bile bawak to KPJ, die kate liver ayah cam kecik sket, that is after checking his heart and kidneys sume la..
aku tanye lenot, die pun diagnose bende yg sama... pastu, bile da melarat, ayah kene admit to hospital. i wasnt around masa 1st admission tu. maybe x serious mana kott..
July08.. aku tgh lunch ngan Tun & Amarjit.. tetibe dapat call from ayie kate ayah admit hospital, x sedarkan diri. aku nangis gile. aku kol lenot lagi. lenot cakap maybe sbb ubat kencing ayah kot jadi garam imbalance dlm badan ayah. treatment 2 hari mmg ayah x sedarkan diri, untill habis treatment. tu sebab, that time aku cam ok je bile pergi hospital. my other siblings plus mak aku da nangis2, kire aku je la yg cam rilek. aku was hanging on to lenot's cakap. aku ingat ari tu, ayah memang org lain. x nak makan ubat la (ooo.. my dad sgt rajin makan ubat) bagi ubat marah2 la, dikunyahnye ubat tu la.. tapi mmg bukan himself. he didnt kenal anyone. tapi, bile aku bawak aqish.. he smiled and panggil nama aqish. sukenye aku bapak aku kenal cucu (cucu2 lain x ikut, tgl ngan bibik2 depa). he was discharged after a week rasanye.

his birthday- 3rd August08. the day he turned 67years old. ikan ade keje that saturday. so, aku and aqish balik sendiri on that 3rd (sunday) to give him his birthday present. one from me+ikan, one from aqish. sesampai kat umah... ayah sakit lagi. he was week. he said he was feeling very week. weeker than the last admission. aku sedih. tapi aku tetap pegi keje that monday and asked harinder if its okay for me to leave early that day. he symphathized and said ust go now. tapi aku kene siapkan this bloody epf report, maka i have to wait jugak. buat reoprt pun cam taik je.. x fokus langsung. x check pun. otak aku serabut time tu sbb dapat call lagi from ayie. aku pun sibuk kol lenot. lenot yg baik ati suggest for her to come along to see my dad's condition.
sampai kat hospital, lenot cakap aku shud prepare for the worst. aku nangis x hengat. aku x nangis2 pun sbl nih sbb aku tau ayah will be fine. this was the start of my x putus2 doa to Allah:
'Ya Allah ya tuhanku, ampuni dosaku dan kedua ibubapa ku. panjangkanlah umur kami. ya Allah, panjangkan umur bapaku. Sihatkalah die seperti biasa..."
setiap masa.

tapi Allah lagi sayang kat my dad. He took him away from me and my family on 27th November 08, after few episodes of in and out from the hospital. kalau u all dgr cerita from my mom, lagi sedih, that she had to endure so much. pergi berubat kampung bagai. macam2 cerita and peristiwa yg mak, kakmah and adik aku ayi had gone thru. tapi none worked.

being a bit selfish here (memang tgh cerita pasal aku pun kan???)
aku x best lagi sbb aku pantang kat serdang. aku menci. aku nak dok kat umah, cam pantangkan aqish dulu. aku nak mak aku yg jaga. bapak aku yg layan cucu baru die. bapak aku yg tegur kalau aku pegang baby salah. tapi x.. aku kene redha yg parents aku not in the best situation nak terima anak yg sedang berpantang kat umah tu. dan aku sedih sbb mase derang tanam uri, busyra masih kat hospital time tu, so aku x dapat ikut gi balik seremban, jumpe ayah.

aku terime berite ayah nazak after a happy nite with frens coming over to visit Busyra on my 8th day. aku seronok malam tu.. aku ade gak tepon2 umah seremban tanye pasal ayah tapi sume org kate cam biase la.. lemah. tapi not getting worst. so aku mmg suke.
ye, eventho aku x suke nyesal ngan apa yg da berlaku, tapi aku rase guilty sbb ayah masuk hospital lagi time aku bergembire tu. bangangnye aku x dapat rase yg ayah masuk hospital sbb da nazak!
ayi called zaidi on wednesday, 9th day. ayah nazak. ikan balik umah and told me the news. aku nangis sangat x hengat. mak kedah kate jgn sedih sgt sbb aku tgh pantang tapi.. i cant help it!
i am soo not ready to lose my dad. aku percaya ayah masih boleh sembuh and baik seperti sediakala. cam doa aku ever single prayer..

26th Nov 2009
aku balik, ayah baru balik dr hospital. dr india tu yg suggest bawak balik and baca yassin. time ni, ayah memang da x kasi respon dah. die just bernafas je. sian aku nengok ayah.
petang sket, aku bawak busyra jumpe ayah. suddenly aku cam perasan ayah looking at her and me and sighed. aku sgt terharu. aku amek tangan ayah and put it on Busyra's head.

malam tu pulak, Busyra x sihat. asek arching her body and meneran. no crying. kul 3 pagi we decided to go to columbia seremban. pastu dr tu kate Busyra demam, 39.4 celcius. cepat2 kitorng gi balik kat hospital serdang.

27th Nov 2009
she was admitted at 5 am due to demam. most likely sepsis, jangkitan kuman. so, they started her on general antibiotics.

aku balik umah serdang that morning and after mandi sumer, balik seremban balik. that was around 7am camtu.

sampai seremban, everyone asked. aku sedih tapi a bit tenang. i had this small talk with my sisters pasal ayah. tetibe aku macam da redha if anything wud happen to ayah. sebelum nih, aku cakap kat mak aku yg aku x redha lagi kalau ayah pergi. aku x sedia. aku xnak terime.

aku plan nak balik serdang balik to see busyra kul 12 tu... it was 11.30 da when we finished our talk. aku pun gi siap2 nak ke serdang, makan apa patut.

kul 11.55am, aku da kat porch, tunggu ikan amek apa ntah from dalam umah. tetibe ikan panggil aku. suddenly there was chaos. ayah da semakin nazak. sume anak2 ayah aku ada sebelah sie except for my sis, kakak. di egi amek anak die fr umah die. aku doa ayah pergi dgn tenang. mak aku sempat datang peluk cium ayah mase tgh nazak sgt tu. i can see his face cam tenang.
kitorang ajar ayah 'la illa ha illallah...'. ayah pergi on 11.59am, 27th Nov09.

sedih. sapa x sedih. tapi aku cam helpless. anak aku kat serdang. ayah aku nak kene kebumi. mak aku tinggal kat serdang. da la aku xleh nak bace tahlil, yassin, nak sembahyangkan ayah. tell me, kalau korang, wud u be devastated?

balik serdang, dr mintak kebenaran utk buat LP plak kat busyra. ya Allah....... apa lagi la... aku tanye lenot die kate ok je. normal procedure. memule tu, dr cakap busyra kene admit sampai 7 hari. tetibe 10 hari. after keputusan LP dapat, kene extend 14 hari plak. balik umah tanpa busyra buat aku bertambah sedih. skali tu, mak kedah nak balik alor setar, ada kenduri. bawak aqish, senang since aku kene dok hospital. sedihnye 10 hari tu. raya qurban pun kat hospital. tapi at least busyra sihat.

busyra and me discharged on 11th December 08. mak aku masak kat seremban, nak welcome me back. she sounded ok. aku je yg masih kesedihan.

rerupenye... bile aku sampai seremban.. setiap pagi mesti mak akan nangis ingat ayah. who wouldnt? they were always together.

and the rest of my 2008.. my mom and my lil sis cries a lot teringatkan ayah.

how sucked my year went huh?

even ade gak nice events.. tapi aku rase the above superceeds my syioks last year.
k lah, utk buat aku bersyukur..

me, ikan and aqish went to phuket with my mates. that was fun.
i confirmed my pregnancy. but then rejected from getting this job in prudential.
i got my promotion. and a big bonus. hence the car. alhamdulillah.
i got Busyra Hannah. very much alhamdulillah.

to move on.... (i'm still feeling depress. camne aku nak lupakan kesedihan ni? i still pray very hard everyday, every morning, every prayers time... tapi aku masih sedih.)

i really hope my 2009 will bring sheer happiness for me and the whole family, my extended families, my friends too.

sometimes, i think that i will need changes in my home, my work, everything utk move on. nak dapatkan semangat baru tempuh hidup nih. aku tau, ramai lagi org yg lebih teruk nasib die dr aku... maybe you guys might think yg aku nye nasib x teruk pun.. tapi why do feel that my world is soo gloomy?