Friday, September 3, 2010

about busyra..

This is soo not the good mommy entry.. and definitely, busyra will hate me if she stumbles upon this when she’s older.

But the thing is, mommy is a little sleepy in the office right now and mommy needs to occupy time by thinking and doing something interesting J


So, what about Busyra nowadays? Active.. and hmm a little (ye ke??) hardheaded. Everyone knows how ‘active’ she is. She picks up everything and puts it in her mouth, and at the same time giving her cheeky eyes- telling she knows that what she’s doing will make mommy and daddy squirm!

She has the gall to bully her sister.. oklah, aqish is not so much of a fighter.. busyra actually have no fear in fighting or provoking her other older cousins.. boys or girls. That’s the youngest cucu peridah md zain for you.

She climbs at the handles in the car…

She hangs on the rails of the swings in seremban… with no one supporting her landing..-_-”

She’s like a treasure hunter, finding the oddest things around the house…


Anyway, she does have her cuteness one way or another. Especially when she adores carrying her laundry to the laundry basket.. even took her sister’s laundry- cause aqish doesn’t bother to. Same goes to getting and putting their milk bottles in the sink.. when she makes her cute face and voice when she knows she’s in trouble..


Hmm.. this entry is simply an run through entry to help me from shutting my eyes in the office. ;)