Monday, February 27, 2012

....and i am Bee Ae See Kay, BACK!

olla peeps! its been a while, i know.

i havent introduce you yet to my son.. (sooooo proud of him and myself!). i'll do that later- hopefully with pics and all. :)

but, for what its worth, we named him Aydeen Muhammad. no B's for this guy, nope. He gets to join his parents and be in the 'A' gang :)

he is soooo handsome and beautiful! (i am allowed to say this. im his mother!)
cant wait to see his toddler face. i mean, now, he looks like his sisters when they were his age. i bet he is as handsome and adoringly beautiful just like his dad. (mode: deeply inlove with son and his pops)

ok. there's my hi, albeit a long hi.. heheh ;p