Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busyra is 1 year old!

Sekali lagi, I am a very poyo mommy J


For Busyra’s first birthday, I made plans 1 month before the birthday. Unlike aqish, where I always plan last minute J sorry qish, I guess this is kinda like compensating adik on mama’s 2nd baby syndrome :p.


Anyway, for adik, I didn’t cook that much. But I think, effort wise, this time menang kott…

The menu:-

1-       Bubur Lambuk- her abah prepared this, sgt sedapp Jyummy

2-       Kek Coklat- for aqish, I usually buy from SR or Kings.. but kali ni cam rajin plak, lagipun sgt senang je kan??

3-       Chicken nugget

Semua makanan yg busyra can eat. Ehhehe kenela piker anak kan.. sbb beday die. Heh.


For goodie bag:-

1-       Homemade bantal with the kids name on it…

2-       London roll- ye ke ni nama die? Comot gile busyra makan, kiutnye.. thee hee hehe (poyo lagi)

3-       Giant jelly

4-       Balloons


Sekali lagi, no candies.. the girls’ abah insisted.

Yang paling havoc is making the bantal tu. 1 month planning beb! Why 1 month? Sebab then I have to sew 30 little pillows, that’s why.. tapi, lucky me, when I tossed the plan to my mom and aunt (auntie nor yg sgt hebat), they were the one who were more excited. So, at week 1 I bought the kains for the bantal and transfer papers. Week 2 balik kampong to buy the innings of the pillow, memula ingat nak pakai kabu since I know where to get them. Skali tu auntie nor suggest to use the poly apa ntah.. ala, yg ade in our normal bantal2 tu. Sgt murah, 1 kilo for rm16. 2 kilo is enough already tapi I gatal buy 4.. heheh (for sendiri guna jugak nih…). The same week, i.e. time balik kampong tu, my grandma- uwan greatest, mom- yg plg hebat and supportive, auntie nor and lil sis turned auntie nor’s living room into a kilang membuat bantal. The sewing, ironing, masukkan inning, semua setel kat situ. And, the best part is.. dalam less than 4 hours, 30 bijik bantal siap ok?? Hebat sehh.

Not only that, siap ade QC lagi (courtesy of my grandma @ anyang busyra insisting that the weigh of each bantal should be the same, kasi adil katanye…). It was the most productive week ever.


Hence, production was 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Aku sayang gile derang nih. (adik, you should be grateful to have such a supportive family tau!!! Remember this when you’re old!)


Anyway, syiok tgk bebudak ni peluk2 goodie bag derang. Hehehe.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

great to have you babe!

When I hear stories about romantic couples, real married couples.. Especially those ‘older’ couples…

Don’t you feel the sudden gratefulness of your own spouse? J



Friday, November 6, 2009

FW: [sim] ALERT : Taktik penjenayah terkini

Got an email from a friend..

Please be careful.
For your information.   ( Very Urgent )

If you see a guy (especially Indian) who rides a motorbike with a bloody hand knocking on your
window demanding you to stop and asking for tissue paper to clean the blood when you are driving a
car, remember DO NOT  stop the car at all. Even if he damages your car or holds the side mirrors
tightly, DO NOT   stop the car but drive directly to the nearest police station. This kind of
criminal tactics have been reported in about 40 cases in Seremban, K. Lumpur, Shah Alam, P.Jaya and
Klang Town police stations (actually around the whole country).

These guys are mainly Indian gangsters,  They work in a group and dare to commit this crime even in
crowded areas where nobody will dare to stop the car to help you. The main purpose of this dirty
tactic is to rob you and/ or even commit rape if you are female driver driving alone. Please forward
this message to the people you care about.

Dr Jeyashree Srinivasan
Island Hospital


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Camne kalau aku sgt marah dgn sorang mamat nih?

Macam die je buat keje kat dunia nih. Nak tolong, lebih2 plak. Badigol.