Tuesday, April 26, 2011

health story

So, me and my hubs went for a full body health examination yesterday and discovered ‘news’. Some good, some not so..

Anyway, we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle from now and onwards… I sure hope we are both discipline enough! (no, we are not changing drastically.. but rather gradually..)


Things started and to be started:

1-       Me resuming my propranolol for me headaches.. at least for 6 months (started today- 26th April 2011)

2-       Healthier cooking at home (to halve our current santan and minyak intake..) and once in a while splurge the deep frying what not hehehe

3-       Yeay! No need to control what we eat outside!! Wuhuuuuu! (Thank you.. uhmm whats her name…)

4-       Exercise!! Every weekend.

5-       Appointment with bone dr…soon.


I am glad I did this.. the exam thing.. with ikan some more. Personally I felt like being in ‘The Amazing Race’, with the running around the hospital, ticking out the checklist and stuff.. it was kinda fun (dgn spouse tapi…)