Thursday, June 30, 2011

kak lagi...



Deng these people! Ok, I’m not that mad tapi heyyy women can be sensitive about this stuff ok??

This has some relation to an earlier post here.. and my struggle to fight old age hahahahah


Since the other half of my dept moved to PJ, my remaining dept moved office also and we are sharing with these sales people- relationship managers they call themselves. *shrug* yeah, whatever.

They are alright. Bunch of worldly sales people, I guess. They chit chat with me sometimes..

‘Aisyah, da di da..’


NAMUN.. one fine day. I made a comment saying.. ‘oohhh my daughter loves to imitate Justin bieber’s hairstyle..’


‘eh… you have a daughter meh?’ says this 33ish manager.. (I don’t know her age but I really really suspect she is older than me)


‘ya lah. I have 3 of them’ (mak ai.. when you say it out loud I do look old now, aint I?)


‘….(speechless).. I cant believe this. Kenanga is always like this. Sometimes I thought this person is not even married yet like her and suddenly she has daughters!’ (talking to her team as well as me, ok, time ni rase cam kembang jap.. indirectly she’s saying I look young.. rite?? :p)


THEN.. all of a sudden… ALL of her team starts calling me ‘Kak Aisyah’

HUARGHHHHHHHHH!!!  Seriously?????

‘Hi Kak’

‘Morning, Kak’

‘Kak Aisyah, boleh tolong ….’ And on and on… yeap, the ‘kak’ is there to remain. Deng! :p



Monday, June 20, 2011

why people lie?

I have this colleague.. my personal opinion of her (even I am quite office-kamcing with her), I think she likes to lie. Sometimes, I understand her reasoning, but most of the time I just don’t get it. I know I’m no saint.. I sometimes lie too but I rarely spin tales (exclude my younger days, no??)


But although she is a nice person, a good officemate and mother, I just don’t get it why she likes to lie so deng much.

You know, sometimes you can tell whether a person lies or genuinely telling you something?


I don’t know.. I don’t mind it actually because I am soo used to her but I think a lot of her problems (and mine too!) can be solved if you just take the honest way out. Cakap terus terang, kan senang?


No, im not angry at her because, yes although she disappointed me in something she promised… but im just clueless how sometimes people can be so deng complicated.. padahal the issue is so deng simple.. if you tell the truth.



Sekian from Aisyah the preacher J

Thursday, June 16, 2011

something serius plak.

I was actually writing about how crazy I am during pregnancy (lol! De ja vu 4 kali…)


Anyway, I secara x sengaja bagi comment kat one of my senior’s fb.. pasal se.xual edu.cation.

Which, of course aku sangat setuju. Well, apparently ada la yg x setuju kan?


But seriously guys? Frens? Don’t you think this is important?


Ok, this might be only MY opinion.. but I strongly feel that girls need to know true knowledge about their bodies and not to hear and trust rumors and gossips. That is very dangerous, you know.


I remembered when I was still in SRK. K.GV.. there was this girl- my age.. she told everyone that she was ‘raped’ by her uncle. Everyone believed her. She said she got pregnant what not. We believed her. Oklah, that was masa derjah 6.. the only ilmu we had was on our monthly periods. Looking back, I seriously don’t know why she told us that story… did she ever.. I mean, being ‘raped’? or was this girl seeking attention and pity or what other non real reason. I hope and seriously think (now, I mean..) that she wasn’t tho..


Then, when I was in SMAP, there’s this ‘dara’ prank.. wtf betul.. we ofkos, knew we were all virgins.. but then this prank started saying that due to the lack of whatever signs, you are actually NOT a virgin. Believe it or not, most of us believed it on the spot.. some cried, wanted to run from school. See? This is all because of lack of knowledge. The prankster herself pun aku badget tertipu jugak but sebab die kene dulu, then she has the advantage of conning other people.


The thing is.. you want our girls to protect their virtue tapi to me, just implanting the idea, semaikan iman, basically based on believe are not enough. They need to know what they are guarding. What happens to their bodies. Basically, they need to know consequences after certain actions.. in this case penetration. And the danger of it.


Bukan kita nak ajar supaya they can circumvent being pregnant and allow penzinaan, but we are telling them what is there inside them, what happens to their bodies and be confident with it, cherish it, love it. The saying ‘kalau x kenal maka x cinta’ also applies here. What is there to cherish when you don’t know it well enough?


The moral decision of what they want to do with their bodies is where the semaian iman comes to play.


Well, this is all IMHO. Up to everyone’s opinion. But you bet your S that I will have this talk to my daughters. Don’t want them to hear stories about sex, pregnancies from their friends.. ;)





Tuesday, June 7, 2011

no secret any longer.

Dear friends..


People say that having lots of kids membawa banyak rezeki. Amin.

Even my arwah dad said ‘kak teh murah rezeki sebab kak teh intim dengan suami…’ and I believe 110% what arwah ayah said.


Kite pregnant lagi la. J


Why I didn’t kecoh like I used to before? It was all the doubts and fears having my fourth so soon (my 4th c-sect).

But im okay now and cant wait to welcome HIM (aminnn) to the world- this DECEMBER!!! OMG! OMG!


Ok. End of announcement. Enjoy your day y’alls~~