Monday, February 8, 2010

with all the super duper and all...

Why do I feel ….. not so super?


I had received some disturbing news last weekend. Don’t know whether to believe or not.. or to just let it go and focus on something more important.

I don’t like this. I am not at ease.


Yes, aku patut bersyukur. But I am still disturbed. I hope it goes away. I want my super duper back!



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retro Nite with Kenanga

Kenanga had this annual dinner at the Royale Chulan last Friday, and to tell you the truth I was quite excited myself. Usually, I’ll just buy whatever clothes I can find on the day itself, traditionally, I’ll took half day or during lunch. Hahaha tu time kat ambank dulu.

This time, eventho its still last minute- the shopping and all, I did however managed to secure me an afro hair from Yasmin, the day corp affairs announced the news. Heheh J

Anyway, baju simple, bought 2 days before the dinner at sunway pyramid.. heheh mentua pun ikut skali shopping.. hahaha tapi my MIL very sporting one. Siap jadik consultant lagik…

Accessories- simple mimple tapi my bangles tu I feel cam mahal. 3 pcs for RM20? Gotta be kidding.. huhuhu tapi xpe. Semangat nye pasal.

Shoes- wuhuuuuuu! This one I must say I am soo proud of myself sbb berjaya jumpe boots yg menarik tertarik da bomb with super duper low price. And its comfy too.. tercapai hasrat ikan nak aku jejalan pakai boots J heheh

So, this is me on Retro Nite @ Royale Chulan


It was fun.


Twit! Nak selit that I was a nominee for best dressed. Huhuhu.. kenangan with kenanga J. Didn’t win unfortunately but sure was an exposure for moi!