Monday, August 23, 2010

being pregnant...

I am now in my 3rd trimester. The oh-so-wonderful life is slowly fading away. not that I’m being ungrateful and unhappy about the baby, but when the time is near, so does the uncomfortable state I am in now beginning to surface.


Why I don’t like 3rd trimesters:-

The baby is waayyyy active. Not just moving, moving. She’s jumping, kicking ass, and don’t know what else she is fighting in there. Its bearable of course but dang annoying.

Fatigue is driving me up the wall! There’s tons of things I want and need to do in my head- but my movements are becoming slower and slower, and so does my will power- when the lenguh kicks in. when that happens, all I can do is sit or lie down, which I hate if I have so many things to do!!

I’m becoming heavier, of course.. last checkup I was 55.4kg. and this leads to me walking dang slow. And dang tired climbing stairs at the monorail and star.

I haven’t taken my neurogain for the baby yet. Pity her. I should get rite on it!

And since the time is near, I am so not ready! I have to set an appointment with Hosp Serdang for my elective surgery.. I haven’t bought a thing for the baby’s arrival. And, when visiting Kak’s newborn, I felt a pang of fear. Wtf? I’m having my 3rd and I’m scared? Huhuhu~~ I am scared. A lot of things in my mind… even death- to that extent!


Well.. guess you’ve all know by now how tense I’ve become now. I’m still happy for my sunshine no.3 but dang… im stressing out!




Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i hate tetanus (betul x eja nih??) shots!

Aku kene jab semalam- to my surprise.. dah tiba masa die ke? I wasn’t being warned at all! Tetibe dr raja kata aku kene inject ari ni..(semlm). Sh*t sakit ok!

And until now my shoulder felt like someone had punched me badly.


Ok. Tu je hahahahahhahaha





Thursday, August 5, 2010

sekadar update

Heh. A lot happening since my last update tapi xdak idea and masa nak tulis.


Ikan da balik yeay!

Pose ganti cam x sempat nak abiskan…

Baju raya x dapat nak tempah.. beli siap je la nampak gayanye…

Byk gile buku da abis baca sampai x dapat nak buat rumusan kat sini (like u guys like to read them…) I usually comment kat GR la nih.

Projek ramadhan- cam biasa kunon nak khatam 1 quran.. additionally ingat nak baca tafsir from start to finish..

Reunion da lama terkubur dr kepala nih.. sian harizah, tgh pantang, die plak yg havoc. I blame only myself for this. SORRY kenkawan esp HARIZAH.

Pregnancy and all of its ups and downs.. hahaha x dapek nak summarize. Letak tajuk je ;)


I’m still loving life as it is~ sure, ade bumps and all. But as of today and few days back.. what a beautiful life!