Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

so, whats with the new look?

(gambar xde kene mengene.. just saje nak letak gambo busyra tgh nak bangun tido... :) )
Nothing. I’m just bored with the old one. No fancy gizmos added tho.. x reti, seriously.

Nyway, what am I up to this week?
Lots of baking (cookies) and nursing…

Its aqish’s birthday last Sunday and this Friday (tomorrow…) she’ll be celebrating it with her tadika friends..
Very simple yet time consuming la preparations kali ni.. mostly because we want to accommodate (yet filter) party pack requests from the birthday girl herself. So, she wanted cookies (pass), chocolate milk yg kids tu (pass), crown etc (x pass), marker and small whiteboard (x pass ofkos!), Cadbury chocolates yg kecik2 tu (pass), banana (pass tapi x muat plastic bag… so dropped last minute), spec mata hitam (x pass).

Hehehe.. berangan cukup anak den sorang nih… :p

And then she wanted me to bake her a ‘Hello Kitty’ birthday cake (deng Youtube!!!) When I told her I don’t know how to do it, you know what she suggested? Honestly??

‘Ma, kita pergi beli kertas dia la ma.. kat tesco ada kot. Mama cuba tanya yang macam polis tu (i.e. jaga)’
‘Tak pun kita cari kat kedai buku, Ma…’

By this time, aku rasa die macam paham kewujudan ‘sugar sheet’ (eh, ni ke panggil die?).

So, my end game would be to create a ‘Hello Kitty’ logo and tempah one from Secret Recipe..

I don’t know whether I have the kudrat for cooking other menus or not. Leave it to Aqish to request Nasi Ayam, Ayam Goreng Mama and Sausage. Not that much tapi at the same time Hailey is not feeling well rite now and she likes to melepek with me.. basically restricting my movements a bit..

Last night we were packing her cookies for her friends and now Busyra is excited for her birthday! She wants a Barbie (what else…) logo. Shishhh… daughters! J

Thursday, September 22, 2011

rules for the kids...#1

So, I am reading this book by Shannon Stacey- Exclusively Yours (romance la apalagi…)


Anyway, I like this rule (one of the parent character in the book) stand by with her kids-


‘You do the crime in public, you do time in public..’


Nice, isn’t it? Ok, my kids belum la mature utk faham this lagi but I like to adopt this, should I ever need to. J





Wednesday, September 21, 2011

meh kite bercakap pasal birth control...

Tapi, warning awal2, ini bukan essay ilmiah. Ni essay bual kosong. There.

Apart from getting the baby boy news, me and the gynae had a brief discussion on the types of birth control I should be planning to use.

1-       Condom & withdrawal- since these were the methods we used after Busyra, which was proven to be ineffective, so kite pangkah this one siap2.
2-       Pills- Memandangkan I am not a discipline person when it comes to pills (even my vitamins pun…) oh well, lets just conclude I don’t do pills well. Although, for you guys yang have absolute no problem when it comes to discipline eating pills, this one is good. Good for your skin and… uhm.. I forgot. But something good. But then, I heard testimonials from friends that their libido went down the hill.. its hard for the woman (I think the word was ‘dry’ x salah) when with the husband.
3-       IUD Copper- the word copper itself dah membuatkan aku terkedu. Wait till you look at the deng thing (go to the nearest LPPKN clinic..) scary I tell you!!. But the risks- hilang dalam rahim, period x menentu, and scar dlm rahim… urghhhhh x mau la..
4-       IUD Silicon- RM800 for 5 years. Hilang dlm rahim, period x tentu sket.. apa lagi ntah.. tapi x banyak sangat side effect..
5-       Implanol- hormonal patch implanted under your skin.. the side effects? Gemok and …. Wait for it.. tumbuh jerawat. Ikan dengar je jerawat terus ‘no, no, no’ cam die plak yg nak amek…
6-       NuvaRing- this one.. I think I might choose. You insert it in ur vajayjay yourself setiap 1hb and keluarkan setiap 22 hb. Still hormone base.. and not so much of side effects… BUT!!! I cant breastfeed if I am using, some more, it will likely decrease the milk production.

Hmmm… susah kan nak buat decision? I don’t want to ‘ikat’ yet… we are only 31. mana tau by 35/ 36 terasa rindu nak ade anak kecik… which I always hear from married people that age…

What to do what to do..

Monday, September 19, 2011


Met with my gynae yesterday.


InsyaAllah, im having a boy. :-D



Yes, I am very very very HAPPY!





Thursday, September 15, 2011

hehe gatal nak tulis lagi. ngeee

This one is about my pregnancy.

You want in in a little embarrassing secret?


I think my pregnancy this time I feel a tinie minie bit of different, although overall im still bitchy and all that.. hehe

Oh, my appetite is humongous! (I sometimes buy 2 pack of heavy food for my lunch ngeeeee) but that’s the same ‘ol thing during my last pregnancies too.


What I really feel different is HOW VAIN I’VE BECOME. (twit, I don’t see myself as vain in my normal self. I love me but I don’t go and analyze and giving myself puji-pujian or kritikan about myself when I look myself inside the mirror.


TETAPI! Deng, I really LOVE looking at my pregnant body! Hehehe J

(I hope if you are my GIRL friends..if you know me personally J ) if… (aside from my darlin’ ikan…) you happen to be a guy.. uhm, appreciate you don’t continue to read.. J


I love the fact that my br3asts are fuller and firmer.. weeeeeeee!

I love that my S is bigger too J

I love my big S tummy (although when the stretch marks starts to pop up later I’ll retract this statement..)

I sometimes feel that im getting bigger at the arms and legs too but most of time (yes..) I feel satisfied with the proportion of my body. Macam x rase bertambah tembam.. rasenyelah..

I am grateful I don’t have the ‘elephant leg’ thingy and my shoe size is still  the same. Deng, I could possibly pull off wearing high heels.

SEEE? I have become this VAIN VAIN SANGAT VAIN pregnant mommy B-)


You are allowed to roll your eyes, you know? I mean… kalau org lain cakap cam ni, aku da lama ‘seriously?’


Tapi kan, I don’t feel like im leaning towards make up2 tu lah.. (before you suggest ‘maybe anak laki kot’ sebab mak akan rase nak cantek je…)


Oh well. There you go. J



best pics of the Bs in their baju raya :)

This picture was taken 1 week before raya, just received the baju raya package from atok in aloq setaq..

As requested by their atok, we took a picture of them Bs wearing the 1st day baju raya, since our first raya was in seremban and all that…


Anyway, I always smile (with a touch of pang…) when I look at this picture.

Tell you, this is the best ‘raya’ picture of all 3 Bs looking at the camera!


Look at aqish, my 1st princess.. doesn’t she look like a teenager? Hahaha yes, that’s what I saw here..


Ohhh my lovely lovely kids… mama and abah love you to death.

Be anak2 yang solehah, ye? Aminn. J





Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i just gotten some news.

I am and should be happy. Cuma, I just hope it doesn’t backfire me someday.


Thank you Allah!




Friday, September 9, 2011

aisyah marah lagi. deng pregnancy hormones!

I HATE IT LIKE HELL when people wasting my freakin time discussing and raising stupid issues.


I don’t mind it if your query is legit, but kalau bende tu da terang tang tang aku letak and ko tanye pasal mana bende tu… x aku melenting? And then what was the response? ‘ohh…’ !@#$%$#@#!


And for god sake!!!!!! Cosmetic punye hal pun nak kene double work??? As in now? When everything is still a DRAFT???


Are you just plain STUPID or are you dengki aku da siapkan keje weh?


Pastu ada hati suh aku stay after maternity??? Like HELL!




Tuesday, September 6, 2011

nak tulih apa eh?

Heheh. Keje opis setel for the time being. Jadik, aku kebusanan sebentar.

Tell me, what should I do?




Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all, especially my friends.

Jemput datang beraya kat umah ambo, yg masih rupe cam baru pindah dulu, except for it being duller and more bersepah.

Seriously, gambar anak lagi 2 org tu pun x hang2 pun. Silap.. x print2 pun lagi. Frame je da beli. Tu pun mana ntah. L


Gambar raya ada dlm iPod tapi apple being apple, byk plak die punye convert menconvert bagai baru boleh share gambar. So, knowing how ‘rajin’ I am.. you know how that ends. Tapi leh nengok aa kat FB. Syok gak nengok gambar raya kenkawan.. (yg mana keluar kat newsfeed aku je la..) Anak memasing comey gler. Especially anak harizah. Haaha keluar plak nama member sini. J. But seriously, aku vote Asha niece Hi5 paling comey!


Apalagi apalagi…

(you see betapa tgh busannye I sekarang?) hahah sekali ngan tensen baru abis buat keje :p


Dah ah. Good day!