Thursday, January 24, 2008


ok, i'm not that good at taking pics but heres proof baby!

huhuhu.. seronotnye thaipusam holiday nih... our project- nasi beriani. yg ayam dalam nasik punye...

ikan download recipe from the internet...around 10am. kuar from umah around 11am, gi cari barang2 untuk masak beriani. x jauh, jusco cheras selatan je..

left jj around 3 (huh.. lamanye ok jj~) actually, alang2 gi shopping brg lunch, better shopping barang umah skali.... senang.

project beriani completed at 6pm. heheh tapi tunggu perut lapaq sket baru nak makan..
i tell you! i loved it! untuk 1st timer, this i got to puji! heheh kire, we were really satisfied la with the outcome! hehehe


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

god bless my hubby...

thank you Allah for sending him to me...

you know why ikan is the best husband?
last nite i had a migraine attack.. tetibe je kene. xde possible cause that i could think of..
so, biasela.. i straight away went to bed. dgn still pakai baju kerje n all...

sian aqish cause i didnt layan her at all.. ade la tapi most of the time forcing her to sleep as well.. budak tu da la rindu nak memain ngan parents... mama die plak xleh bukak mata..
and ikan... he was really really hungry last nite. i wanted to cook for him tapi mmg x terdaya.. pity him sbb had to prepare his own dinner. kitorg bring foward pasta nite sbb hahaha beras da habis. nyeh nyeh.
anyways.. i could smell the wanginess of his cooking.
and.. he put aqish to bed.
and he put blanket on me.
and he woke up early, waking me up nicely and cheerfully.
and then he tapau my breakfast---- baked macaroni from last nite..

IT WAS DELICIOUS! rugi beb x dinner skali malam tadi.. heheh

well, anyway, thank you my lovely ikan.. i love you even more everyday!
(da la cute as hell... hehehe)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it has been a long time since we'd cook dinner. i think it was since hari raya i guess.. adela masak2 but mostly are simple mimple dishes like daging masak cili, and mesti sayur kobis goreng ngan telur... gishhh sian ikan had to endure all that..

well, last nite, actually, it was our new year sort of reso. starting back our hobby- masak memasak. (last time time kat USJ, we used to cook a lot..). back to last nite, i had so much fun eating! xde la grand benar tapi da nak warm up balik dah..

lauk last nite:
1- Sup daging
2- Ayam teloq faryna
3- Sambal ikan bilis
4- Sayur- kailan rebus

sikit je kan..? hahah tapi nampak la lengkap sikit dr the past 2 months nih...
and definitely, no KOBISSSS. da sick n tired of this.
wuhuuu and u know what.. aqish loves the kailan! sebok mengendeng kat abah die tunjuk kat pinggan kailan sambil..'nih, nih... nak nih.. nak nak'

tonite is Pasta Nite. xtau nak masak apa.. i only have spegs and macaroni. hmm.. boring la asek marinara je.. mac n cheese baru je minggu lepas... so.. wat next?

so this weekend, nak masak kuih apa ek?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Boogie nite for FMD

hohoho.. wat a parteyyyyyy!!

enuff said. i got myself a uniquely sexy tissue box.. hahah
and then, i got myself a RM100 isetan voucher.. thank god i got this one. i wouldnt want to win a travelling bag/ microwave oven/ coffee maker and all that stuff.. umah aku kecik, x tau mana nak letak..

anyways.. it was fun! the food? biase je.. rahsia...

the most adventurous part is that rite after the party, ikan together with aqish fetched me and straight we went climbing up genting highlands! huhuhu..

that was great too.. 1st time for aqish naik genting (takat awana je..) but still.. 1st time exposed to the cold weather.. she's ok, apart from a bit of coughing.. but she had fun la.. cam biase :)

backdated- new year 2008

we had barbecue for our new year.. jemput belah seremban plaks.. plus kak lah kan.. (well, that is the only sister-and brother ikan has...)

hahaha what a splendid one it was!~ at 1st we thought that it might not turned out to be that great sbb 1st of all, kakak and her troops cant join sbb ade kenduri, then abg called, he cant make it sbb mariam and diha diarhea..

but.. syukur alhamdulillah.. the rest came and it was super duper fun! bebudak nih mandi sampai terbakar.. depa lak yg terbarbeque skali. nyeh nyeh (oh.. did i mentioned, it was by the pool- tu yg beriye cousins aqish nak join tuh..)

im soo grateful.. hahah esok tu KERJE!!!

fuuuhhhh wat a day!

and my new year reso?---------- to keep being happy and grateful.! insyaAllah aminn

backdated- 29 Dec 2007 Kuantan

1st time Balqish ke Kuantan... what a trip!
sikitnye jauh jugak Kuantan nih eh.. heheh

but it was a nice trip.. bertolak around 10 am (kunon nak go around 6.30 am, pas subuh kunon).. nak jejalan kunon.. hahah tapi jalan2 juge..

like all pengantins, uncle faizal and aunt yati aqish tuh were stunningly beautiful... the majlis was quite simple (like most kenduri menyambut menantu...) but it was nice sbb sempat la jumpe pengantin and kenkawan pengantin...

after all that, we went to Teluk Cempedak and there it was... Hyatt Kuantan. CESSS.. if i knew that its here and sooo dekat ngan umah faizal, i should have just stayed here. pehh.. rugi2.. aqish was happy, playing with the sands... sian je sbb mama x belikan die her digging and pots stuff.. tapi die gembire je mama ngk... :)

xde timba, sandal pun jadi la...

it was a real fun..