Thursday, July 21, 2011

i hope 5 months flies...

Things are getting ugly in the office. This internal war between 2 ppl.. I might be caught in the middle.


“Dear you,

You think I like working with you? The only thing that stopped me from running away is because im pregnant. You don’t drag me in your war with that other person. I don’t care about you. Why you instigated the war in the first place was your stupod business. U treat ppl like dirt, some other ppl will treat you the same or I guess in your case- worst.”


KARMA, people! Lets not forget that!


Be good to people. Be good to your environment. Be a khalifah.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

FW: LIKE Picture kat FB

This is from a colleague. Hahah.. me too, have nothing to do LOL!




Sorry ganggu..

Hahaha...liza tgh xde keje nih dduk merapu la

Masuk photo contest kat FB

So nak minta jasa baik kakak-kakak n kawan-kawan

“LIKE” page nih

Pastu “LIKE” gambar liza n hubby…


Advance tuk smua yg sudi ”LIKE”

Monday, July 4, 2011

reading... strikes again!

So.. back to books.. I was actually in reading hiatus for some time. Not so from buying them tho…

Anyway, its back. Ikan hates it when I get all excited and emo with some particular books.. he’ll put on his ‘ok, I’ll try to understand face’ and I think, secretly wished I finish without asking his opinion. Hahah, yes, I understand you, babe!


Nevertheless, I need someone to ‘bebel’ on what I found from a book. There. That’s my justification.


So, I’m discarding my romance shelves and digging into classics nowadays. And, though I tried to avoid male authors (sebab x suka this one short story by Gisham…) I took up (and surprisingly enjoyed) a book by Narayan. I read ‘The Painter of Signs’, which he wrote in 1976 (at the age of 70, ok!!) and I liked it. Deep thinking after finishing the story tho (which I hate to do after reading…) but I was intrigued to know more about him and to read ALL of his books (same case of JM and SEP).

I don’t know whether I’ll succeed in finding all of his books or not.. or maybe, he’ll turned out to be like Jane Austen (I read 2 of her books, distracted by the 2005 movie of PnP-[MacFadyen is sooooooo Darcy!] and never returned to her books, how sad…). But I cant wait to read his first 3 novels (Swami & Friends, Bachelors of Art and The English Teacher), mainly because I wanted to read the latter, to understand his grief when his wife of 6 years died.. (oh well, there goes my secret. I’m such a sucker for human (read: love) relationships- he didn’t re-married, how romantic!) oh, oh!! I also want to read Grandmother’s Tales because it was a true story, and it was mentioned in The Painter of Signs.


Sighs~~~ there it goes again.. my agony in finding books. Tho most bibliophile has its own standards of collection, mine (I don’t see myself as a bibliophile, but as to collecting books…) I just want them with me, no matter how un-uniformly it looks on the bookshelf, as long as I can get it CHEAP. Lol!



P.S. I don’t know anyone (among my frens, I mean…) yet who like/read Narayan.

I wish to mangadu domba of my feelings with you. Hehehe. And my mangadu domba is soo female like, so my wish is simply a GIRLfriend who reads him too. Please, please tell me!