Monday, October 31, 2011

nice to be those historical romance characters..

those having servants to do everything tu... basically yang kaya raya tu la.

there are times when i read em books, i envy the way they have all the time in the world to do what they please.
i am unfortunately those who dont seem to have enough time and energy to for a little indulgence ( i mean, indulgence that i wish i have on a frequent basis.. :) )

i envy that they can only enjoy time with their spouse cause all the boring chores are done by servants.
i envy their children sleep in a separate room.
i envy their time walking in the gardens and woods, basically their quiet time with nature.
i envy their oh-so-wonderful way of saying things.. very proper.
i envy their gentlemanlyness.. and ladylyness... (yes, i do create my own vocabulary)

but what i envy most rite now is they seemed to have plenty time with the spouses. without the interuption of their kids. dont get me wrong, i love me kids to death. but sometimes... especially at night, i would love to have the bedroom all to ourselves.

you know, not only the you know what. but sometimes, its hard to find a time for both of me and ikan to just talk and do nothing in bed. usually, the kids will join us. and that means that the conversation will be about them. and whenever both of us tried to talk between ourselves, they managed to stir back the conversation to them.

see... i dont have enough time. i need more time. i need time for me hubs, me kids, me ibadahs, me hobbies..

note to self: x baik mengeluh..

Friday, October 28, 2011


I miss him.
I miss him.
I miss him.

I’m wretched without him.

Ohh hormones! Its Friday, for goodness sake! Its supposed to be merry!

gossip artis plak.. for the first time.

i just cant help it. im obsessed with Anniston's love interest. sebab utamanya is because i hate brangelina and infidelity and homewrecker and all that.

actually, it started as hatred to brangie je but after (again... my reading gets the better of me.. whahaha) reading What I Did For Love by SEP, i was really looking forward to when Anniston finds her devilish handsome sonofagun and live happiliy ever after... just like the book.

honestly, before this, i never heard of Justin Therox.. but seriously???? i cant help it. he is one handsome devil! way to go jen!!!
between pitt and therox, i vote therox to be 10 times HOTter than pitt, :p

ooo.. btw, have anyone watched Horrible Bosses yet? deng funny... and surprisingly sexy Anniston was sooo different!

hahahha terasa macam blog gosip artis. but no, saje nak letak gambo therox yg hensem giles...
hahahah kalau aku tambah mata therox yg harem cun gile tu cam ikan, ade yg nak baling aku ngan stapler x? hehehe :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how far do you believe in the 'gangguan jin'

I am NOT boasting in any way. I do believe that some cases, yes, malays-unfortunately do face this problem, I blame the deng media in this country for exposing the act of ‘bomoh’ and all that crap to the rakyat. I mean, ok, they are there. But you don’t have to popularize them, it just makes some people having ideas in their heads.

Anyway, on this topic, I have a bunch of things to say, voicing out my opinions but I don’t want to raise my blood pressure today..

There’s one thing though I would label stupid-you-got-to-be-joking-me… those claiming a person being utterly snobbish is due to gangguan jin. Really??? Someone can be excused for being snooty? You treat a person like she’s a frigging vermin, even though she is your maid- a human being worked her asses off for your comfort (oo, which by the way you are not paying her salary pun…), and your boorish behavior is dismissed just because you are not yourself?

I don’t care whether you are a family member or not, or you have such a high education background.. its still stupid.

A snob is a snob by choice. Like other sins, you yourself are responsible for how you conduct yourself. Tensen jin2 asek2 dipersalahkan. Jatuh tangga, jin kacau, kejam kat another human being, sebab jin, lampu rosak- jin… GISH! Give them a break already. Be responsible of your own self!

Oh.. I don’t simply despise people (well, I try not to…) I understand some people make the wrong choice, as long as they learn from it and humbled by it, I don’t care that much. But this is too much. Ada sebab ke jadi sombong?

PS: this is not from my own experience. Its just a story from the victim. Imagine, I myself is being emotionally afflicted by this person’s snobbishness.. can you imagine the poor girl yang dianggap vermin itu?

Its very wrong for another human being to make another human being feel less human.

Monday, October 24, 2011

inappropriate for the guys (well, except for ikanbabe)

Warning awal2.. this is kinda disgusting for some.. so if you tend to be a visualize sort of person, please refrain yourself from further reading this post.

Kene buat disclaimer : I am writing this is because to enlighten those in the dark and a reminder to me as well J.

Its about our undies, ladies.

So, I think everyone would know the difference between wearing ugly undies and sexy ones. The sexy ones just makes you feel sexier and more confident, heheh I think ;-)

Anyway, do you know that wearing sexy undies, especially t.hongs are very comfortable during pregnancies? Ok, in my case, I had endured 3 c-sects and sometimes my scar itches or its just not comfortable when I wear normal ones.
(FYI, I cataloged my undies as- normal (hmm… how to illustrate?...), t.hongs/ t.angas and grandma undies)- Yes, I have all 3 kinds.

Normal- I wear them in normal- those serious days bla bla bla.
T.hong/t.anga- I wear them most of the time now as it makes me walllahhhhh B-)
Grandma- these are the ones yg cover your tummy tuh, which I spare for my previous pregnancies and pantang.

GISH! I was sooo wrong then! YOU SHOULD NOT use grandma undies during pregnancies sebab wearing the sexy ones are much much more comfortable! (I just hope the shape wouldn’t be ruined..)
It is much nicer to my scars! And definitely it does not suffocate my tummy.

No wonder, when I told kaklong (my cousin) that ‘oops, I would need to stock up my grannies for my pregnancy’ (during that 1st trimester), she gave me this look. Disclaimer lagi- she has 4 kids and all c-sect, like moi.

So, for those in the dark like me, try it, if you haven’t already. It really makes a different to your day. (yelah, kan time pregnant ni, you need all the comfortable measures you can find J )


Monday, October 17, 2011

experience carrying a boy.

i had a terrible tooth ache for the last 2 weeks. i was literally kicking and swearing in the office (aku da warning awal2 to them that i tend do dont-give-a-f*** when i am pregnant... :| ).

at last, i went to see the dentist near my office (since my normal dentsit is in serdang and her schedule is full that day...). bloody! it costed me rm350 for a stinking filling aja! but that was not the main problem pon.. the main problem was with my right bottom wisdom tooth... and this mahal doctor said due to me being pregnant, he cant extract the thing as he needs to x-ray me etc etc... and i asked for the cost.. guess?? RM1,500 for tooth extraction ,people!
anyway, i ended up with some antibiotics and paracetamol for the aching...(plus the filling for another unrelated tooth...)

so, a week passed and still my tooth hurts like the devil! it gets worst when ikan brought us to genting and the kids cant get fun cause mommy here cant go outside to the cold cause mommy's tooth hurts.

i end up 'lantaklah... gi je lah cabut!' as an emergency case at my serdang dentist.
boy, was she cool!!
she was so confident that she was confused with the x-ray issue. her concerns were just that i might not tolerate the surgery pain.. cause she cant give me other than paracetamol too.. and i was like, 'xpe doctor. i rather endure 1 day of excruciating pain than a week long annoying-and-berdenyut2-pain'.
And... 30 mimnutes later, the SOB is gone from me mouth. BUT! what a pain it was when the numbness subsided! menitis air mata den!

LOL! this is soo off topic. Anyway, i met with my gynae yesterday and she said that this is one of the dugaan carrying a boy. They take away your calcium like no one's business. :)

So ladies.. who havent carried a boy yet.. Make extra sure you have plenty of additional calcium in you! (it gets worst during nak beranak- where the back ache is OMG!, says her...)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

me, the lil red reading hood..

So, I met with the wolf @ serdang.
It was mag-ni-fuh-cent! The smell when first entering the hall was like the euphoria I felt when I stepped into ikea. It was, seriously.

No words can describe! I bought a book by SEP which I already have but because the one I have is a bit wear (favorite pick for random reading) and BECAUSE ITS FREAKIN EIGHT BUCKS. And I also found few of those I haven’t owned yet from SEP for also rm8!! B-) I loiiikkeeee.

A special thank you to my babyyyy for bringing me there on their first day- that was last Friday, everyone, hoyehhh!!

Anyway, for those who like books (not to mention LURVEE), go there! Ample of parking space. Frequent shuttle busses (no, it wasn’t inconvenient at all, I say!) and clean- this especially the toilets J.

If I wasn’t sick in my bed the last 2 days during my mc, I surely had gone there again and again..

I hope they would be using MAEPS again next year. J ngeeeee~~~~~~

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Camne one of my traffic sources was from a p0*n site?????

Ewwww ewww ewwww

another of Steve Jobs.

Again, this is all due to the book- Hot Shot and none due to his contribution to Apple.

Deng, I feel like a sad ending to a good novel. RIP.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i am definitely not fit for the job...

For background, I work in Product Development under the Sales & Marketing Division for my bank. It didn’t started out as a dept under S&M but somehow rather (which I understand and fully agree) the dept is sucked into the Sales Division. Basically developing products for the sales people to sell..

And you know la, the traits for being a relationship manager (they call themselves these days…).. i.e. sales people. Always charming, kissing Ses and stuff..
But, I just couldn’t, you know?
(no, I am not doing sales but the culture of being customer friendly must be applied to all in the division..)

Heck, if someone is being seriously stupid, xde koje aku nak ikut je.
And, being bitchy pregnant didn’t help either. So, instead of being a dotty little thing, smiling and yess’ing to everyone, I held my freakin stance and have my word. Lantaklah kalau kau x setuju.

Ok, cerita die senang je. For the last 3 months of my pregnancy, I asked the Admin manager if there is a parking space in the building I can subscribe to for only 3 months. The manager seemed accommodating and understanding.

The stooopod parking officer however, didn’t. If there is indeed no parking space for my request, just say so.
There’s no need to penalise me for other tenants refused to surrender their parking card with the same request of temp parking.
Elok2 I have to pay rm400, tetiba this freaking guy is asking me rm700, fearing that I will continue my subscription even after the 3 months ended. Even, after I told him that I don’t intend to pay the monthly fee when I go off my maternity and definitely will surrender it (I mean, kalau I x surrender, you will forfeit my card deposit, kan????) I mean, how much of security do you want?

But, I suspect, this is a typical male being controlling.. saje nak tunjuk ‘I-control-every-freakin-thing’. Bloody! I don’t NEED the parking dumb S!

Hahaha. Terlari dari tajuk..
My point was to say- I sucked in being polite (kiss Ser) to the stupidest people. Hence, I am definitely not the job for Sales.
(I know, I know, this is a bad trait as you need to treat ALL people nice, even the stupid ones.. but really???) ok lah, I’ll try harder, demit!