Tuesday, November 29, 2011

InsyaAllah we'll be Bangi citizens.

we're letting our condo, partially furnished. anyone have an extra functioning refrigerator we can buy to replace ours?

i'm soo gonna miss our home. but what to do? we (I) cant manage 4 kids and hopping up and down the elevator. not even if i try hard enough to find a bibik. i'd rather find a landed house to rent. even if i cant find a bibik, at least i wouldnt have the issue of getting the kids (cases of sleeping) into the house should ikan goes outstation (his wretched kursuses).

i guess we'll be having a goodbye party soon... i think (boleh ke with my condition and the packing and the advertising and the bla bla bla)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

...and the sleepless nights begin.

Aydeen (insyaAllah) is starting his kung fu lessons already.
Gosh, i wish he could time his schedule to stop from 10pm to 5.30 am.

please, baby. help mommy here.

*sighs* 1 month 2 weeks to go...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i had this weirdest dream...

i dreamt about one of my close friend, and it had something to do with the guy i had a secret crush on as briefly told in here.

funny but i hate emotional dreams. they just make you restless.

anyway, in the dream, i didnt like this friend and she didnt like me but in the girls being girls way- i.e. benci senyap senyap. then, this whatever event came up and we had to exchange gifts and i dont know how the dream ended with me being confronted with this friend- she showed me some sort of nasty message signed by me. and in the dream, i was like this clueless person- "what about it? who gave it to you?" and showed genuine surprise when saw my name as the sender.

to cut things short, this friend confronted that she had this negative feelings towards me after receiving the message and thats why all the animosity started. and i told her that 'i thought you hated my guts cause i liked the same guy you did, although i didnt expect you to find out, no one knew'.

and we lived happily ever after. (didnt go that far yet but we did patch things up and hugged)

now, why would i have a dream like that? oh, the emotional part is during the confrontation- both were hysterically crying- girls... what do you expect?

dont you just hate those kinda dreams? cant a dream be like always calm, peaceful and pleasurable? i dont have these unpleasant kinds often but when they visit me, i get restless and disturbed. i once or twice dreamt ikan left me- died (nauzubillah) or the unmentionable-C word (nauzubillah) and i end up waking up in sobs. but i liked the feeling when ikan hugs me and tells me it was just a dream, afterwards. but nonetheless, its still bothersome.

honestly, i like sleeping without ANY dreams. just a blank black space. ~~~ahhh bliSS

Monday, November 21, 2011

kongratulasi untuk dindaku

my lil sister- kakmah, tied the knot last weekend. congratulations. she looked soo pretty!

funny, them. Although they met just recently, i.e. like a year and a half ago, if not mistaken, they actually 'met' like 20 years ago. hahah kinda nice to write a romantic fiction based on them, huh? (ewww, i'll pass)

anyway, Radi (my bro in law) is the son of my dad's BFF. too bad they didnt hook up when my dad was still around. it would've been splendid, the two best friends celebrating the joining of families, i can easily picture Ust Jamil and my dad standing side by side, smiling proudly.. they were best friends since high school, if not mistaken. huh~~ *wipes away early tears*

so, back to the story, they met somewhat 20 years ago in London, when we were returning to Malaysia from Canada and my dad visited Ust Jamil and family in London. Fate, that. the two of them (the 2 ustazes) sent to overseas at the (almost) same time. Thank God too, cause we get to go to London! (all i remembered that time was- London was such a drab place. its almost always raining or fogging or some sort). here is kakmah and her husband, Radi in London long time ago.

yours truly was somehow not in pic. hmm.. shopping i guess.. :)
 May both of you have happiness and a wonderful marriage for the rest of your lives- like our parents!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

birthday of princess busyra today!

pity Busyra. its her birthday today but we didnt manage to do anything for her- no cake, no goodies to give her friends and no presents.

we do plan to do something next week at her nursery but if she is a tad older, she might take exception that mommy and daddy didnt do something on her day. (mommy's excuse) its just that i am quite busy planning and handling her makmah's kenduri thingys. not lah mommy here is the 'orang kuat' but the kepohchi on the hantaran and give away packets.

we're going back to seremban today. hopefully we can at least celebrate with a cake (too bad BR xde kat seremban, at least mommy and daddy can make up for lack of effort by giving a super icecream cake- both aqish and busyra are super fans of BR!)

as for no presents- lol! i have to appologize to her when she is older and understands money. money seemed to be kering this month- due to my outrageous dental bill (dont let me start on my company's benefit!) and make up (required by my new boss) & the cleansing (required by my home boss- ikan) purchased last month. i think, these sudden expenditure totaled to ~rm1.5k. gile kopak mama! you see??

anyway, luv! Happy Birthday.
Mama pray that you and your sisters be anaks yang solehah and berjaya dalam hidup.

for her cake next week, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

why the previous post.

i am those weird people who liked to read and re-read and re-read what i write. then silently comment on them but never had the effort and energy to actually amend them, well.. unless it was a very BIG embarassing mistake..

there. tu je nak tambah on the previous post. Glad some like to read my ramblings. hahah i do too. wakakaka (weird mode on)

i suddenly remembered a memory on being weird. i am not scared nor ashame to admit that i am. its like, everybody is weird in their own way, right? (RIGHT! dont you dare contradict! you may have at least one habit that may rise an eyebrow or two.. hehe)

it wasnt a significant memory though. when i was in smap, i had this secret crush on this one fellow. dont know why i 'minat' him in the first place, other than he is VERY fair. hahaah. oh, and shy, i guess. thats another thing about me. i tend to have secret crushes on shy guys (ok, 2 je secret crushes :p. only one ended up shackled to ngeee~~ :) )

anyway, i dont think this guy ever knew i liked him during my 5 years in smap- crush lasted for 4 years only. heh. it ended when i gave my 'autograph' book for him to jot something . he has VERY nice handwritting. (ooh, btw, most smapian girls know this- buku autograf. hik hik embarassing gile bile ingat balik!!)
anyway, when he returned my book, i was only looking forward for him to like write a half pager thing, saying maybe 'good  luck' or some other goodbye cliches. Instead, he wrote about 2-3 pages kot.. kinda gurly, huh? lol! but, he did mentioned in one of his many many sentences, that he thought i was weird. he wanted to tell me why but then he wrote, nevermind. (wtf?)

yes, aisyah was quite the vindictive-pehal-ko kinda girl back then. ok, vindictive sounds so harsh. no, what i was then, like any homely girl that age who was just given a negative remark by her secret crush was devastated! but i didnt tore up his pages though. i wasnt that heartbroken. but it did end my crush on him. darn.. such a pretty face. hik hik. (babe ikan, you wouldnt mind i put this up right?)

but, thinking back, being weird is not so bad. its part of who you are. and, if your partner loves you regardless (or because...), then all the better.


Monday, November 14, 2011

i have this outrageous idea...

its kinda embarassing. but i somehow feel that it might be a good idea.
maybe not for money- i dont think so. but for my own fullfilment.

what, you ask?

hik hik hik.

i want to write something. i mean really write. (ok, honestly the idea was to write a book)
i got this idea from my bro's blog- like a year ago, he mentioned that he plan to write a book before he dies.
what a great idea. write a book before i die. i always like writting, kucar kacir as it is... i once have this same insane thought when i was in primary. those were the times i like reading malay short stories in magazines. i remembered i wanted to submit my story but never had the gut.

(selit jap) GUT, i found is overated. i think it has to do with 'what do you got to loose?' right? i mean, back then when i was still 12 yo and know nothing of the world, im scared of everything. now, looking back, i wish i wasnt that kid- semua bende nak takut. well, that is another story. you gain confidence, happiness and gut with each passing experience in life. whatever horrible/ wonderful it may be.

back to my writting. i want to write something really from my heart. i dont care if it eventually involves romance- in view that its my line of reading interest nowadays.. but that is certainly NOT the main issue. i like emotion driven stories. how do i get that?

maybe i should start a new blog with a new pen name. LOL! this is soo funny! should i go with it?

oh, before you begin to wonder, i prefer writing my stories in english- i know its not up there in the writters standard level. not even a good level, but i feel strange expressing in proper malay. i mean..

"Aisyah termenung jauh. Fikiran diulit oleh memori semalam. Semalam, di mana ayahnya masih bernyawa dan berkudrat memberi nasihat. Ayah yang ditakuti namun dihormati dan disayangi.."

LOL! i cant. not only my sentences are not berbunga. it sounded like sh*t.
before i know it, ill be writting like those female malay novel authors i hate to read. how do you get to put in humor and wit into those kind of sentences?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


it has been a while since me and the family visited Mines.. walaupun depan rumah je...
anyway, me and aqish's favourite place to singgah everytime we go there is G.ramedia. (Ikan's challenger)

last nite, we went there to search some sticker papers for kakmah's impending kenduri.. and we had the shock of our lives! (ok lah, xde la shock but suprised, nonetheless)

G.ramedia is closing! sobs sobs!
all the books are already in boxes, most stationaries are discounted up to 70%.. some books are discounted up to 90%! ohhh darn! (on the closing, not on the discounted items)

anyway, you guys, if you want to go there for the last time, theres some interesting stationaries there and cheap.
xde mood aa. sedihs. EXCEPT! kalau die ganti dgn Kino or Book Excess or Payless Books. ha, then i would definitely celebrate. janganlah P.opular! epic fail, ok?! heh :p 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

songs and daughters.

i like songs too- what else is new??
i usually like to listen and sing the month's favourite.. like always.. untill i got bored of 'em. (so like my daughter- aqish too)

my favo this month is T-Pain's 5 oclock in the morning. (thank god aqish x paham what it is about heheh..)

anyway, while i was busy membuat hantaran untuk kakmah, boleh lak aqish cakap 'ma, asek2 lagu tu je mama nyanyi. tukar la'

haha.. nampaknye my fav song rite now doesnt suit her (we share the (almost) same songs)

Friday, November 4, 2011

reading hiatus lagi... :(

so I'm finally driving to work nowadays... I'm terribly heavy! but alls well.

the one thing i miss about my commute to work using LRT is my reading. thats the only time i can read without being interrupted. now, no more :( . i dont read as much at home now- too much of B attentions required. i only get to read when the abah prohibit them Bs from using the iPad. time tu je lah mama dapat mengiBook...

nonetheless.. its okay. i've finished most of my favourites pon.
im into movies plak nih. i know its kinda dangerous but its less boring if i can watch movies during the drive home.. 1 jam lebih ok, nak sampai umah... x ke patut tengok movie? hehe

Bye, love! will be missing you tremendously. hope to gain re-acquaintance during my pantang  :p

banyak woo... nak try nora roberts and nicholas sparks plak during pantang nih... semua yg beli time serigala jahat ari tu.. weeee~~~~

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

on this pregnancy no. whatever..

When people ask me what are the differences between this pregnancy (ehem ehem..insyaAllah..) with the previous ones… I usually don’t have a bullet point answer. The one thing I really notice is that I’ve become this vain person as told before in here.

Now, come to think of it.. there’s one other difference. I am not as sleepy as before. Ke, not yet? No, definitely not like before. I think in the last 3 pregnancies, I was sleepy by the time I hit lunch time- as early as the 4th month! And I remembered I always sleep during my prayers break (I usually do 2 in 1..). Not this time though! B-)

I only noticed this today cause… contrary to what I just babbled up there, I am really sleepy rite now- BUT! due to loads of work though. Not cause of the hormones. I feel tired but not to the extent that I can hardly open my eyes.

GAWD! So tired and cant wait for this work to settle. Hopefully it’ll end smoothly at the end and I can expect some sugars by the time I get back from my maternity ;-)