Wednesday, May 30, 2012

beautiful words from the guy...

tell me i'm not wrong.

whatever puji-pujian you receive from other people, does not even compare to when you receive it from your spouse. (ok, actually, i'm talking from a wife's perspective).

and it goes vice versa (i mean, when HE comments/ complaints, urgh. it hurts. deep hurt)

if your friend says you're pretty, you say thank you and feel delighted.
when your husband says you're pretty, you feel like you're the f*cking queen of the universe.

if your relative says you're generous and kind, you feel humbled and delighted.
when your husband says you're generous and kind, you feel like you're Mother Theressa.

what if when your friends or acquaintance call you're crazy?
i doubt i feel a thing. laugh out loud maybe.

when my husband says 'YOU MAKE ME CRAZY!'
i blush (figure of speech, not real blush cause i'm dark and doubt i really can...) and smiled like a crazy person everytime i remember :)


rawsktar said...

kan kan..kalau kena puji dgn hasben mmg makin kembang hidung kembangku. hik hik

aisyah said...


my sister- her husband once said 'You ni isteri mithali la..'

seriously, dia kata she felt like she is already in heaven :P

senang je nak hiburkan hati isteri ek?