Thursday, May 24, 2012

felda oh felda...

disclaimer: this post is slightly different from previous posts simply because i dont discuss my own financial interest or investments publicly... embarrassed is more likely the reason :p.. but... felda wei!


so, have you heard about felda being up for IPO yet? you should, if you're a Malaysian. with all the hoos and haas..

honestly, i havent trade in the exchange for 3 years now. restrictions, dont you know... but since... uhm.. you would soon know what..

i am seriously considering this. man, for ~rm4.50 worth (forecasted).. not as expensive as most blue chips.. but..
politics aside, think of money.. albeit my own analysis(?) might not be correct.. and, the very known stock market being unpredictable due to speculations (although analysts can never put this in their report!) but honestly, most stocks are driven because of it.
eh, nak bagi ceramah plak...back to the point.

if you are big players of stock market, you can opt for financing, which i can refer you to. easy peasy.
if you are a lowly small investor, why dont we give it a try huh? 10 lots (1 lot = 100 units, for those who dont know, in Malaysia, we can buy min 1 lot) only costs you rm4500.

felda, babe!


rawsktar said...

dh beli ke? hehehe. kita beli emas je. tu pon ciput. HIk.

aisyah said...

x announce lagi rasanye when and how much but decided not to buy 'yet', as in the IPO. better beli in secondary market, like normal stock sebab bubble FB and probable of the company overvalue. likely je.

in anyway, there's issue on the future business and the men driving it. so, see how they perform for their first 6 months dulu kot...
pasal felda ni, i will post,insyaAllah 'if' i buy, one day.

oh, ness, if you are interested, you may as well read on Gas Malaysia too :)