Wednesday, June 13, 2012

yes, i've taken it out.

and.... it was not as disgusting as i imagined. the process nor the thing. ;)

oh, i was talking about my nuvaring, from my contraceptive post.

however, i dont know whether this is related or not, but my current blood pressure reading is quite high. and this is the first time ever i have this kind of reading. its always normal even during all my pregnancies. *sighs*

HOWEVER, before i am being accused of being a slanderer, heheh, you have to know this is merely a suspicion on my part.. uhm... and maybe... that i was also just recovering from a fever, which means antibiotics and what nots... plus, i didnt have the time to fully rest after the fever broke- being on the road from alor setar to kl.
and here i thought my body is all imune to hardships :p

anyway, yes, i was quite quick to put in my suspicion to the ring. heh.

but as it is, i think it went well. i was told that i will be expecting my periods during this time and yeap, i did.
and, aside from me being under the weather, no other side effects though.

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rawsktar said...

where have you been?mikssyeww